Silence Of Northern Hell - One Music - 2001
Mystic Your Heart - 2003 - One Music
Idolator - 2005 - M&I
Mozaiq - 2007 - M&I
Εpsilon – 2011 – Pony Canyon
The Legend – 2018 – Redtone
Amateras – 2019 - Redtone

Blood Stain Child image
S= Ryo – Plastic Earth>>Sadew [Yuta Sado]>>Plastic Earth – Yuzukingdom>>SAIKA>>Yuzukingdom

G= Daiki - Shiromasa – Save The Queen, Yuzukingdom>>RYU KURIYAMA>>Save The Queen, Yuzukingdom – Yuzukingdom>>G.S.R.>>Yuzukingdom

B= Hydrophobia, Harle Quin>>Ryo>>Harle Quin, Babymetal – Yuzukingdom, Perpetual Dreamer>>YAKKY>>Yuzukingdom, Perpetual Dreamer

D= Violator – Shatter Silence, Yuzukingdom>>YASUO KANEMOTO>>Shatter Silence, Yuzukingdom

K= Aki

History & Biography
Osaka’s Blood Stain Child was formed as early as 1999 under another name but it was not until 2001 when people heard the band through an EP disc called The World, which was recorded for Japanese wrestler Kensuke Sasaki. The band soon signed with One Music Records for which it recorded two albums, which only saw Japanese and Korean release. The group opened for Dream Evil at home in 2002. The group’s Idolator album was issued in 2005, but licensed for Europe by Dockyard 1 in 2006. The new version featured a different track listing. Locomotive Records in turn picked up the album for North America. A new vocalist, Sadew, was inducted in 2007 (he would last three years) and the Mosaiq album appeared in June. The group issued a number of singles as a series called Fruity Beats.

An album came in 2011. Then came a contribution to an album featuring covers and interpretations of Ghibli Studio music. Female vocalist Kiki left in 2016. Ryo also left in 2016. More singles and EPs followed until 2018 brought a new album.

The members were in a side-project called Yuzukingdom as of 2018. Guitarist Ryu is a cross dresser.


If we all did not know that 'Blood Stain Child' is an English phrase, it would be a simple of matter of deduction to conclude the band’s name would mean something like 'Japanese clone of Children Of Bodom and In Flames.' This band and this album are that bad.
Why a label would sign a band which has much relationship with metal, originality and independence as Zionism does to kindness is beyond me. It is not as if the band hides its intent. The band has named its album 'Idolator' after all. Past the cross dressing get-up the Japanese five do have a modicum of respectability at first. There is a crushing bass guitar at work, the drummer likes to pummel his way through things (despite his more or less non-existence in the mix) and there is a good element of speed and aggressive screaming throughout. Sadly for you and me - unless you wear Clayman t-shirts in public without a hint of humiliation - the band is a carbon copy of its Scandinavian idols, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork and Children Of Bodom, and has enough trance and dance emissions to fill half a dozen discotheques. To make matters worse, Blood Stain Child gimmicky attitude soon begins to overwhelm. The dress code, make-up and titles like Ag2o, Trial Spiral or Type-N are more style than substance.
Someone should stick a reverse PG-13 sticker on this thing. - Ali “The Metallian”


Blood Stain Child