Dirge Of Death's Silence - 2001- Necropolis
Continuance Of Evil - 2004 - Black Flame
Black Faith Inquisition - 2008 - Moribund

Blood Stained Dusk image
S= Dageth [Anthony Patrick Panter] - Chaos Inception, Black Hole Deity>>THORGRIN [CHRIS WHITE]>>Chaos Inception, Black Hole Deity

G= Dageth [Anthony Patrick Panter] - Agares - Octagon, Black Hole Deity, Wormreich>>THORGRIN [CHRIS WHITE]>>Octagon, Black Hole Deity, Wormreich

B= Fleshtized, Chaos Inception, Diabolic>>Oroan [Jason Flippo]>>Chaos Inception, Diabolic

D= Entrapment, Octagon, Apocryph, Wormreich, Haxxan>>PROFANA [CHRISTOPHER PEZZANO]>>Octagon, Apocryph, Wormreich, Haxxan

K= Dageth [Anthony Patrick Panter] - THORGRIN [CHRIS WHITE]

History & Biography
The band was formed in 1997, changed its monicker and released a 1999 MCD called Thy Legions Reign Over Christendom on Red Stream. The black metal band hailed from Southern USA.
On the 24th of January, 2005 Anthony Patrick Panter (a.k.a. Dageth), vocalist and guitarist of the band, was killed in a car crash. He was 24 years of age. Former Gorgoroth and Obtained Enslavement vocalist Pestwas to sing for the band at 2006’s Hellfire Manifest in Huntsville, Alabama. The band featured Octagon’s keyboardist Thorgrin on stage. The band issued Black Faith Inquisition in 2007, had Moribund license it in 2008 and split up in 2009. The material stemmed from several years prior.

Like every other band the act reformed, in this case in 2016. Thorgrin, Oroan and Profana returned. Oroan left in 2021. The band hired concert musicians. Deimor was on guitar and Ddraig was on bass beginning 2022. The group signed with Black Lion Records for a 2024 album. The label had issued the Dead Lights Beckon Me EP at the same time in 2023. Nonetheless, Venomous from Lenax was standing in for Deimor on guitar at Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest in 2023.



Blood Stained Dusk