The Atlantean Wardragon - 1997 - Cacophonous
Pestilence From The Dragonstar - 2000 - Soul Sold
Ancient Wrath Of Ku - 2001 - Metal War
Sirian Storm – 2005 – Necroharmonic
The Stellar Exorcism – 2014 – Barbarian Wrath

Bloodstorm image
S= Goreaphobia, Ancient Rites, Demonic Christ, Absu>>MEZZADURUS [CHRIS GAMBLE]

G= Goreaphobia, Ancient Rites, Demonic Christ, Absu>>MEZZADURUS [CHRIS GAMBLE] – Cerebrus, Namtaru, Necrotion, Symphony Of Grief, Goreaphobia>>Axarcuth [John Litchko]>>Namtaru, Symphony Of Grief, Goreaphobia – Necrovore, Thornspawn, Gnostic, HOD, LaSanche>>BJORN HAGA>>La Sanche

B= Nexarulhu

D= Namtaru, Perverseraph, Krieg>>Teloc Coraxo [Frank Gamble]>>Namtaru, Perverseraph, Krieg – Labrynthine, Darkest Grove>>MACCRIUNNA>>Darkest Grove

History & Biography
Born under the tutelage of violence and force by Gamble in 1994, the deathgrind of Bloodstorm is reminiscent of Goreaphobia and not the interim bands with which the singer played. A couple of 1995 and 1996 demos launched the band (Iron Flames Of Battle and Death By The Storm Wizard respectively) and the band played at the Milwaukee Metal Fest.

After a negative experience with Cacophonous in England, the band signed to Soul Sold the label belonging to an Immolation member. Bloodstorm is not for the faint of heart. 2001 brought the release of the band's third album on the third label.

Metal War Productions announced the release of a Pentacle/Bloodstorm 10" vinyl (with poster) called Archaic Undead Fury in 2004. The label cancelled the split-10" in late 2004 following criticism of the label by two members of Bloodstorm. Alive in the Sirian Death Raid was a 2006 video, which was recorded in Chicago, USA the year before. There was a 2007 Demo. The band was booked for Destroying Texas Fest in 2015.

Frank and Chris are brothers.


Apparently Listenable Records USA is dead and Tom (he of Immolation) has launched his own imprint instead. Not a bad idea if you are to release albums such as Blood Storm's sophomore effort, the follow up to their debut on the joke - label Cacophonous. Formed by former Goreaphobia front man Mezzardurus (aka Chris Gamble), Blood Storm is a tribute to the true sounds of death metal. Violently akin to Destroyer 666, Belial's debut or even Impaled Nazarene, the American quartet bulldozes everything in its path - it's all fast and furious. It's eerie how many death metal releases are featured in just this issue alone. - Ali "The Metallian"