In The Shadow Of Your Black Wings - 1997 - Season Of Mist
Onward Into Battle - 1998 - Season Of Mist
Under The Reign Of Terror - 2001 - Red Stream
Genocide - 2005 - Morningstar

Bloodthorn image
S= Mortius>>KRELL

G= Griffin>>Kai Richard Nergaard>>Griffin - Tom - Agressor>>Alex Colin-Tocquaine>>Loudblast - IHIZAGH - ERLEND


D= Gorelord, Wurdulak, Perished>>JEHMOD>>Gorelord, Wurdulak, Perished

History & Biography
This Trondheim-based band recruited Agressor's Alex when Krell met him in Marseilles. Bloodthorn was having problems with the original guitarist. Later the band opened for And Oceans and Agressor. Otherwise the band has played with Keep Of Kalessin in Norway. Guitarist Tom was out and replaced by Ihizagh in mid-2002. Harald was also a fanzine editor.
The band returned in early 2006 with a new album on the upstart Morningstar.


Never mind the Norwegians history or past output; let us focus on this CD: it kills. Based on a solid foundation of solid and primitive metal violence, Under The Reign... is reminiscent of the late 80's/early 90's underground demo tapes one would buy which were completely devoid of commercial or trendy defilement. Imagine a band which employs the note creativity of Dissection, the riffing of Demigod and Vomitory, the guitar torture of Slayer circa Hell Awaits all with a 100% independently raw and obscure underground sensibility. I may not be suggesting this is a classic Slayer or Dissection album; however, the band's Red Stream debut is one to exult fans of the aforementioned with its completely raw and offbeat riffing. Fields of Blood takes a step back with its keyboard background, but a track like After The Attack savagely dismembers. The guitar intricacies on The Return Of Wrath are the stuff of dreams in any metal universe and even the cover of Mayhem's Deathcrush (with Necrobutcher himself guesting) is very well done. Who knows, perhaps listening to Bloodthorn might remind the Mayhemer what playing real metal is all about. All in all a surprisingly spiteful death/black onslaught right here on this disc that will only appeal to the underground elite. Label and band, more of the same please. - Ali "The Metallian"


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