Thrash Metal - 2007 - Nocturnal Art


S= Hellride>>PETE EVIL
G= Hellride>>PETE EVIL - Suffering Seas>>Dor Amazon
B= Gluecifer>>Stu Manxx
D= Emperor, Thorns, Aborym, Dissection, Scum>>FAUST [BÃ…RD G. EITHUN]>>Aborym


Former Hellrider Pete Evil formed Oslo, Norway’s Blood Tsunami in 2004. Bassist Riff Randall, drummer Jay and guitarist Dor Amazon soon joined. He group opened for Entombed in its hometown in August of 2004. Bosse (who played with Pete Evil in Hellride) and Faust would soon come into the ranks. Bosse would leave in 2006. The band signed to Nocturnal Art for three records.


If Blood Tsunami believes it can deliver a seminal record by naming its album 'thrash metal' in the same way that Venom called an album 'Black Metal' or Possessed penned a tune called 'Death Metal' in 1985 then the Norwegian band is surely overreaching. If the band is loudly and proudly proclaiming its love and allegiances then the quartet has it right. Not only is this a traditional thrash metal record, but also Blood Tsunami manages to maintain a narrow and pure definition of its sound much to its credit. Past the vintage metal cover artwork, which is reminiscent of a Manowar piece, the quartet launches into Evil Unleashed and a sound that mixes Slayer with late Kreator and old Metallica. With a whole load of melody on display the band delves into Iron Maiden-like soloing on Infernal Final Carnage and Godbeater, employs an effective background chant on Torn Apart and heaps Slayer-eque melodies here, there and everywhere. Incidentally, song titles like the aforelisted and Killing Spree or Rampage or revenge hint at a much more violent music than the copious amount of melody here support. Pete Evil’s vocals are harsh and dry and the group will probably gain some attention through the presence of Emperor’s drummer Faust, despite the lacklustre drumming. Blood Tsunami is a decent new entrant in the thrash metal sweepstakes, but fans should be forewarned that the band’s name and titles portray a more savage band than a melodic ten-minute instrumental like Godbeater would initially convey. - Ali “The Metallian”


Blood Tsunami