Porphyrogenesis - 1999 - Near Dark
Ashcloud - 2005 - Metal Fortress

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G= Valkyria, Conquest>>THUNARAZ [PER KARLSSON]>>Conquest - ATHEL W.

B= Egregori, Vålnad Ur Rymd>>THORN [DANIEL EDSTROEM]>>Vålnad Ur Rymd

D= Sorhin, Midvinter, Black Winds, Vålnad Ur Rymd>>ZATHANEL [ANDERS LOEFGREN]>>Black Winds, Vålnad Ur Rymd

History & Biography
The band was formed in the autumn of 1995 by three Setherial members who were later joined by Steril and Athel. The members also came from Midvinter and Sorhin. The demo Kill For Inner Peace was delivered early 1997. Blot Mine is a black metal act whose debut album title is supposed to mean 'born at the same time and place as the ruler of the universe is supposed to be born.' The album was produced by Andy LaRocque.
Metal Fortresss, formerly Near Dark, issued Ashcloud in 2005 although the album was recorded several years earlier and promised for 2004.


Formed in 1995 by three members of Sweden's own Setherial, this is one band riddled with complex aggression and hatred as exemplified by their machine gun drumming, ravaging guitars and occult lyrics. Graduated from the same school as Dissection, Dawn et all, Blot Mine ( impressive moniker) only manage to ruin things by the inclusion of the background synthesizer. Still, serious death/black prevails in the night akin to the best Sweden has to offer and it seems to this sire that as the album progresses and we start it all over again it just keeps growing on you like the darkened figs of a dream creature. Some false drumming and synthesizer aside, this would have been a triumph. A lesson for the next outing perhaps? - Ali "The Metallian"

After much delay and a severely postponed release schedule Metal Fortress has managed to deliver Ashcloud to the metal scene and let there be no doubt that it has been worth the wait. The band might not like hearing it, but this is a perfect interpretation of Marduk, Dark Funeral and Dissection as performed by Blot Mine. The blessed thing is so effective too. The speed is like a swift blow to the head. This is occult, cult, brutal, evil, devastating and beautiful. The album is an explosive mixture of rhythmic lashing melody riffing hard upon a volcanic rupture. The vocalist opens his mouth and the belly of the beast pours out. Even better than the band's impressive debut album, Ashcloud delivers in power, structure, guitar, bass, drumming and vocals. The only caveat is track number eight, Bolted Down (And Dying), which is slow and irrelevant and the band's decision to censor the lyrics to the song Gynocide. How faux-extreme is that?
Ashcloud is a superior album both for Blot Mine and Metal Fortress. However, given the delay in the release, Metallian slaves have fanned out across the land for confirmation of the band's continuation. Eulogy or not, fans of the aforementioned bands will require this. - Ali "The Metallian"


Blot Mine