The San Francisco Blues Band>>BLUE CHEER - USA

Vincebus Eruptum - 1968 - Philips
Outsideinside - 1968 - Philips
New! Improved! - 1969 - Philips
Blue Cheer - 1970 - Philips
The Original Human Being - 1971 - Philips
Oh! Pleasant Hope - 1971 - Philips
The Beast Is Back - 1984 - Megaforce
Blitzkrieg Over Nuremberg - 1990 - Thunderbolt
Highlights And Lowlives - 1990 - Nibelung
Dining With Sharks - 1991- Nibelung
Hello Tokyo, Bye Bye Osaka - Live In Japan 1999 - 1999 - Captain Trip
Live In Japan - 2003 - Track
What Doesn’t Kill You... - 2007 - Rainman

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Leigh Stephens>>Solo, Silver Meter, Pilot - Andrew Staples & The Oxford Circle, Group B, Mother Ocean>>DICK PETERSON>>Mother Ocean

Leigh Stephens>>Solo, Silver Meter, Pilot - Bruce Stephens - Gary Lee Yoder - Tony Rainer - ANDREW MACDONALD - The Other Half, Sins Of Adam>>Randy Holden - Tony Rainer - DIETER SALLER

Andrew Staples & The Oxford Circle, Group B, Mother Ocean>>DICK PETERSON>>Mother Ocean

Oxford Circle>>Paul Whaley - Dave Salce - Norman Mayell - Oxford Circle>>Paul Whaley - David Salce - Oxford Circle>>PAUL WHALEY

History & Biography
Formed in San Francisco in 1966 the band moved to Boston early on and quickly hit the US charts. The group’s original drummer was one Eric Albronda. The band was heavily into the drug scene (Blue Cheer being a type of LSD) and was managed by a Hell's Angel. Musically, Jimi Hendrix and Cream influenced Blue Cheer. The reformed band did not attract much attention in the '80s. It had reformed in 1984. Allan “Dickie” Peterson died on October 12th at the age of 63 in Erkelenz, Germany. Macdonald announced the end of the band. Whaley and Peterson had moved to Germany in 1990.

Peterson and erstwhile member Randy Holden battled over the legal rights to the band’s name for most of the new century. The band is often called the first heavy metal band.



Blue Cheer