I Speak Of The Devil – 2009 - Spikefarm
Curses Thorns Blood – 2011 – Haintic
Mysteries Of Earth – 2018 - Heidens Hart

S= Reign Of Erebus, Acolyte's Ruin>>EWCHYMLAEN
G= Seasonal Code, Binah, Code, Indesinence>>ANDREWS ‘AORT’ MCIVOR>>Seasonal Code, Binah, Code, Indesinence - Reign Of Erebus, Acolyte's Ruin>>EWCHYMLAEN
B= Seasonal Code, Binah, Decrepit Spectre, Indesinence>>ANDREWS ‘AORT’ MCIVOR>>Seasonal Code, Binah, Decrepit Spectre, Indesinence - Ligature, Reign Of Erebus, Blitzkrieg, Acolyte's Ruin, Code>>ANDRAS GALLOWAY>>Code
D= At Dusk, Septic Tank, Dām>>Zemogh [Jaime Gomez Arellano]>>Mirror, Septic Tank - Grendel, Onheil, Perditor, Israthoum, Delinquentes Infernae, Half Visible Presence>>TIÚVAL>>Israthoum, Delinquentes Infernae, Half Visible Presence

This UK-based black metal band came together in 2007. The founders were Aort (Code) and Ewchymlaen (Reign Of Erebus). The band issued a 7”, called Full Moon Possession, through Ledo Takas Records in 2007. Spikefarm signed the band and issued the band’s debut, I Speak Of The Devil. The same label issued Israthoum’s 2009 record. The band’s Aort owns Haintic. An EP, entitled Brythonic, appeared in 2013, but the band retrenched from activity. Heidens Hart Records issued Blutvial’s Mysteries Of Earth in March of 2018. Tiúval of Israthoum was on drums.