Feed The Beast – 2008 - Earache
Exiled To Earth – 2010 - Earache
The Aftermath – 2012 - Earache

S= Jose “Aladdin” Barrales>>Project: Wormhole, Macrocosm, Agnoxia – Mutants of War>>Mauro Gonzales
G= JUAN JUAREZ – Alex Lee>>Holy Grail, Solo, Exmortus
B= Ruben Dominguez – Taking Over>>Jerry Garcia>>Project: Wormhole, Macrocosm, Witchhaven – Holy Grail>>Jessie Sanchez>>Warbringer, Circle Of Violence
D= Carlos Regalado

Yes, Bonded By Blood was the thrashing debut of California-based Exodus and this bunch also hail from California. Founded by singer Barrales in 2005, with the help of the $3,000 (US) winnings from a battle of bands the band issued the Four Pints Of Blood demo in 2006. The Extinguish The Weak demo followed in 2007. Earache signed the band and issued the act’s debut album in May 2008. The band had signed with Earache in 2007 and already opened for Exodus in Mexico. The record was also part of a four-album thrash pack featuring Evile and others. The debut was partly re-recorded when the band was unhappy with the final version of the first iteration. Gama Bomb and band toured Europe. The band opened for Cauldron in the UK. Dominguez left.

Exiled To Earth – it is fine as long as it is not to the USofA part of earth – was supported by a music video for Prototype: Death Machine. The record featured a futuristic concept. Garcia was on bass now. Lee had left by time The Aftermath was released. Gonzales was on vocals here. The band disappeared until Lee re-joined for live work in 2016, left in 2018 and returned when the band reactivated in 2021. Also back were Jerry Garcia on bass and Jose Barrales, who had left in 2010, on mike. Drummer was one Stephen Ramirez.



Bonded By Blood