Gospel Of Annihilation – 2017 – Act Of Sin

S= Rough Cast, Absence Of The Sacred, Belligerent Intent, Draconis Infernum, Hellucinate, Scalded Infamy, Blood Division>>S.H. [SERBERUZ HAMMERFROST/HANS YAMIN]>>Draconis Infernum, Hellucinate, Scalded Infamy, Blood Division
G= Sacrarium Execratus, Faust, Profanatum, Bulldozer, Breathing Hell>>GIULIO ‘GHIULZ’ BORRONI>>Bulldozer, Breathing Hell
B= Thunderbolt, Arkona, Infernal War>>TRIUMPHATOR [JERZY RATAJ]>>Arkona, Infernal War
D= Vesania, Neolithic, Masachist, Black River, Crystal Abyss, Vader, Hunter, Nerve, Symbolical, Yliaster>>DARAY [DARIUSZ BRZOZOWSKI]>>Vesania, Masachist, Hunter, Nerve, Symbolical, Yliaster

Black speed metal band Breathing Hell had its debut album, Gospel Of Annihilation, out through Act Of Sin Records in mid-2017. The band was founded in 2012 and spent the first three years of its existence writing the material. Founded by Singer and bassist S.H. (Draconis Infernum, Hellucinate, Scalded Infamy, etc.) and Triumphator (Infernal War and ex-Thunderbolt), the group also included second guitarist Ghiulz Borroni (also in Bulldozer, Ancient, ex-Faust and ex-Profanatum) and drummer Daray (also in Dimmu Borgir, Vesania, Hunter, Masachist, ex-Vader).



Breathing Hell