Baryte – 2016 - Radtone
Expose Your Emotions - 2019 – Avex Trax
Bloody Bride – 2021 – Avex Trax/Setsuzoku

S= Imperial Circus Dead Decadence, Knights In Gale>>KIMI>>Imperial Circus Dead Decadence, Knights In Gale
G= Misa [Misato Ono] – Mitsuru>>まだ見たことのないセカイ – MISAKI – AYUMI
D= Kai – Telecide>>NATSUMI

Fans of purity in metal should stay away for Fukuoka, Japan-based Bridear, which certainly mixes pop melodies and metalcore into its heavy metal. The band is another entry in the annals of jyu-metal that Japan has been dishing out since Destrose, Aldious and Galmet took the baton from Show-Ya and Aphasia.

The band was founded by Kimi, Mitsuru and Haru in November 2011 (who were together in another band) and issued a self-titled demo in late 2012. The band was singer Kimi, guitarists Mitsuru and Misa, bassist Haru and drummer Kai. The live debut was in Fukuoka in April 2012. The band travelled to Nagoya for a show in August. A single called Thread Of The Light b/w Roulette arrived in 2013. Overturn The Doom was the next demo. The group played a male-only show and opened for Light Bringer. The band issued a video called Dear bride seemingly addressing itself in 2015. Radtone Music, which had dance band Blood Stain Child and many foreign licenses on its roster, signed the girls and issued the debut album in 2016. The Rise and Helix EPs arrived in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The group was in Europe in 2017 playing conventions like Made In Asia or Mondocon. Live Tour 2018 Marcasite video arrived in that year. It was filmed in Tokyo. Album number two arrived and there was Ayumi on second guitar and Natsumi on drums. The band played Metal Matsuri in England in 2019. The song The Moment was featured in the Kengan Ashura anime. The band announced a European tour for October of 2021. It was dubbed Into The Dark Forever. The UK-based label was also a booking agency.