Screams Of Anguish - 1993 - Nuclear Blast
When The Sky Turns Black - 1994 - Nuclear Blast
In Mourning - 1996 - Nuclear Blast
Sea Of Ignorance – 2016 – Repulsive Echo

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G= Don Gates - Eulogy, Monstrosity, Angel Trumpets>>JAY FERNANDEZ>>Eulogy, Monstrosity, Angel Trumpets - Bryan Hipp>>Cradle Of Filth, Diabolic, Unholy Ghost - Degradation>>Dana Walsh>>American Fix - Execration>>Pete Sykes>>Contorted, American Fix

B= Jeff Acres – JEFF ACRES

D= Contorted, Dead, Nasty Savage>>Jim Coker>>Contorted, Dead, Nasty Savage – Perdition Temple, Angelcorpse, Amon, Kerasphorus, Catalysis>>RON PARMER>>Amon, Kerasphorus, Catalysis

History & Biography
Originally with roots in punk rock and later in thrash metal, Brutality worked in the underground for years trying to establish itself a name. The band released its demos on Wild Rags as cassette albums and later was managed by Dustin Hardmann (Saigon Kick and later the likes of Oppressor) who eventually opened the Nuclear Blast USA office following the end of the label's relationship with Relapse. The band garnered a deal with Nuclear Blast and had its first appearance there is on the Death Is Just The Beginning II album. The Song, Cryptorium, was re-recorded and appeared on the band's debut months later. The band did not tour much after this album and when the second album hit the band was caught in the backlash against the Florida death metal sound. Still, the band supported this album with an unpromoted tour with Bolt Thrower (the actual opener had unexpectedly pulled out) in Europe.

Hipp moved on to live in Germany where he later joined Cradle Of Filth very shortly before illness forced him to withdraw. Album number three featured a new lineup and despite the unpopularity of the style held death metal with impressive guitar work. Brutality soon disappeared although Contorted was a follow up act of sorts.

The band was reportedly reformed in late 2002 and signed with Still Dead Productions. A new album entitled From The Ashes was due in the summer of 2003. Negotiations dragged on, due to various disagreements with the label, and singer Scott Reigel, bassist Jeff Acres, guitarists Mausolus Arguelles Von Kiszka and Demian Heftel and drummer Jim Coker were only able to announce that they have resolved their year-long dispute with Still Dead Productions and announce a new album for February of 2004 in late 2003. Instead, the band once again split up in early 2005 claiming that Still Dead Productions would not honour its agreements. Guitarist Bryan Hipp Joined Unholy Ghost. Bryan Hipp died in October of 2006 however. The band reformed yet again in early 2008 and was working on a new album. The band line-up was Scott Reigel (vocals), Demian Heftel and Jay Fernandez (guitars), Jeff Acres (bass) and a future drummer. After losing Scott Reigel (vocals) and Jay Fernandez (guitar) the band quit forever (again). The band, featuring Scott Reigel, Jeff Acres, Don Gates and Jay Fernandez, as well as drummer Earl "Maddog" Zambella, would reunite for one show on October 13th, 2012 at the Brass Mug in Tampa. This was the annual Metal Meowlisha show, which was a charity operated by Obituary drummer Donald Tardy and his wife Heather, with all proceeds going to benefit felines. Skinless would reform after a two-year hiatus and play at the Delaware Deathfest this October alongside Deicide, Suffocation, a reformed Brutality, Dying Fetus, Exhumed and more. Brutality had a demo called Ruins Of Humans through its own Ceremonial Records. Mighty Music signed Brutality in 2017. The label re-issued the band’s Sea Of Ignorance album and promised a forthcoming new record. Jason Schwartzwalder was the band’s second guitarist. The man left in 2018 and moved to Atlanta, Georgia to form Mother’s Tomb.