Dead Lovers' Guide - 2010 - Lavadome
Black Infernal Vortex – 2014 – Doomentia
Satanic Corpse – 2016 – Doomentia

Brutally Deceased image
S= Heaving Earth, Shampoon Killer>>MICHAL ‘Žlababa‘ ŠTĚPÁNEK>>Heaving Earth, Shampoon Killer
G= Heaving Earth, Feeble Minded>>Tomas Halama>>Heaving Earth, Feeble Minded – Feeble Minded, Oblomov, Octagone, Neurotic Machinery, Heaving Earth, Somniate>>MAREK ‘ŠTEMBUS’ ŠTEMBERA>>Octagone, Heaving Earth, Somniate
B= Negligent Collateral Collapse, Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland, Ahumado Granujo, Eardelete, Jig-Ai>>Vít ‘Burak’ Bureš >>Jig-Ai, Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland - PETR KLEŇHA
D= Jig-Ai, Psychotic Despair>>Zdeněk ‘Stefy’ Štefánek>>Jig-Ai, Psychotic Despair

The Prague-based death metal band was formed in 2007 and named after a song by Grave. Dead Lovers' Guide was recorded in April, 2010 and was released on CD by Lavadome Productions in September. A vinyl release of Dead Lovers' Guide was scheduled for autumn or winter of 2011. Glory Days, Festering Years was a split release for the band and Interment in 2013. The band and Embrional had a split release called Scornful Death Trail in 2019. Tomáš Halama left in the same year.



Brutally Deceased