Bullet Boys - 1988 - WEA
Freakshow - 1991 - WEA
Za Za - 1993 - WEA
Acid Monkey - 1995 - Independent
Sophie - 2004 - Independent
Behind The Orange Curtain – 2007 – Crash
10c Billionaire – 2009 - Chavis
Rocked And Ripped – 2011 - Cleopatra
Elefanté – 2015 - Cleopatra
From Out Of The Skies – 2018 - Frontiers

Bulletboys image
Ratt, Hawk, King Kobra, Kagny And The Dirty Rats, This, Sexual Chocolate, Ten-Cent Billionaires, Vicious Licks>>MARQ TORIEN [MARK MAYTORIAN]>>This, Sexual Chocolate, Ten-Cent Billionaires, Vicious Licks

King Kobra, Brain Stem Babies>>Mick Sweda>>Solo, Brain Stem Babies, Lolligag – The Tattooed Millionaires>>Nick Rozz

Ham Sandwich>>Lonnie Vincent>>Ham Sandwich – Chad Macdonald

Jimmy D' Anda>>Lynch Mob, Zen Lunatic, Lithium, George Lynch And The Electric Freedom

History & Biography
Los Angeles' Bullet Boys had elements of Van Halen and Krokus when they hit the glam metal scene with the debut album. Torian was often compared to Lee Roth, but many female fans were disappointed by his rumoured homosexuality. The band had garnered a buzz for being sheparded by Van Halen producer and A&R Ted Templeman with whom the band achieved a great sound on the first three albums.

The band's debut was the band's best-selling and even hit the Billboard Top 40 in the USA. Marq Torien relayed to an interviewer years later that he auditioned for the vocalist position in Mötley Crüe when Vince Neil left the act in 1992. Za Za was a reference to the character in the film Godfather. The band went its separate ways in the mid-‘90s, but came back again in 2000 with a sampler and a US tour.

The band recorded Sophie independently in 2003 aiming for a 2004 release. A US tour with L.A. Guns and Black 'n Blue was cut short when the band's tour manager Mark Rojas was stabbed by the band's bus driver. The band would also claim the promised money did not materialize during a tour where guitarist Keri Kelli was also in L.A. Guns. Burning Cats & Amputees is a band sampler with a new track and re-recordings. The title was inspired by a friend who cremated his cat after death and a roadie who loved amputees. Sweda is running Monsters Making Music. The band set a release date of April, 2007 for its live album Behind The Orange Curtain. Ryan Haffer recorded the album at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California. The band signed with Chavis Records in 2008. An album was expected that summer. Instead, the group completed its new album, 10c Billionaire (notice Torien’s project name), for July of 2009. The band was singer Marq Torien, Ryche Green, Stephen Allan, and Tory S. Several song titles were Asteroid, Blessed By Your Touch and Born To Breed. Bulletboys’ singer Marq Torien (Mark Maytorena) was arrested on Friday November 13th in Florida and charged with "non-support of children or spouse” before being released. Bulletboys' singer Marq Torien next joined Vicious Licks. The singer made his live debut with the band on December 4th, 2010 at Hollywood's Three Clubs. Bulletboys' self-titled debut album was going to be performed by original members Marq Torien (vocals) and Lonnie Vencent (bass) in its entirety. The tour would take place in the USA in the spring of 2011. The four original members — singer Marq Torien, Mick Sweda on guitar, Lonnie Vencent on bass and Jimmy D'Anda on drums — were reuniting for one New Year's Eve show on December 30th, 2011 at Hollywood’s Club Vodka. The show was to be filmed for DVD. The America Rocks tour with Jack Russell's Great White, Faster Pussycat, Bulletboys, Lillian Axe and Pretty Boy Floyd was touring the USA in the summer of 2012. Quiet Riot, Faster Pussycat, Bulletboys and Gilby Clarke would join forces for the Bang Your Head Tour of North America in the summer of 2014. Dates were initially being worked out. Bulletboys had a new album called Elefanté for 2015. It was out on June 9th through Cleopatra/Deadline. Bulletboys singer Marq Torien was arrested on Saturday, August 29th, 2015 following the band's concert in Tampa, Florida, USA and charged with "failure to pay child support." He was arrested and released for the same reason in 2009. Subsequently, he would proclaim his support for racist US Presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump. Frontiers Music signed the band. The band's next album was due to be released in late 2016. Bulletboys recruited drummer Anthony "Tiny" Biuso to start 2018. The band issued its From Out Of The Skies album in March. The line-up of Marq Torien (vocals), Mick Sweda (guitar), Lonnie Vencent (bass) and Jimmy D'Anda (drums) reunited in late 2019 for a tour. The original line-up appeared at the M3 Rock Festival in the USA on July 3rd 2021. The frontman parted ways with original members Mick Sweda (guitar) and Jimmy D'Anda (drums) to end 2021. Sweda implied “toxicity” within the act as the reason. The band’s line-up had reunited in 2019. The new line-up, featuring singer Marq Torien, guitarist Ira Black (Lizzy Borden, Metal Church, etc.), bassist Brad Lang (Y&T, etc.) and drummer Fred Aching (Billybio), made its debut at RokIsland Fest in Florida, USA in January. The band was booked for the HRH AOR X festival, alongside Madam X, Autograph, Quiet Riot, Trixter, Enuff Znuff, Britny Fox and others, in the UK in 2024. Torien revealed that he was working on a new project with Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo. The bass player had called him. The band signed up for SongVest in order to collect funds from fans in exchange for goodies and shares. There was a self-cover version of the song Smooth Up and yet another cover version, this time of Frida of Abba's 1982 hit I Know There’s Something Going On.