Salvation By Fire - 2001 - Masterrox
Feeding The Flames - 2003 - Limb
Burned Down The Enemy - 2007 - Soundholic
Empyre - 2008 - Metal Heaven
The Ignitor - 2012 - Scarlet
Burning Point – 2015 – AFM
The Blaze – 2016 – AFM
Arsonist Of The Soul – 2021 - AFM

Burning Point image
National Napalm Syndicate, Ghost Machinery>>Pete Ahonen>>Ghost Machinery – Battle Beast, Seraphiel, Kings Of Modesty>>Nitte Valo>>Seraphiel, Kings Of Modesty, Dreamtale, Volymian - LUCA STURNIOLO

National Napalm Syndicate>>Jukka Kyrö>>National Napalm Syndicate - National Napalm Syndicate, Ghost Machinery>>PETE AHONEN>>Ghost Machinery – Angus Dei>>PEKKA KOLIVUORI

Toni Kansanoja - Stargazer, Stargazery>>Jukka Jokikokko>>Stargazer, Stargazery – King’s Ruin, Ghost Machinery>>Sami Nyman>>Ghost Machinery, Stargazery - JARKKO POUSSU

National Napalm Syndicate>>Jari Kaiponen>>National Napalm Syndicate - Jussi Ontero>>Devilsent, Death's-head and the Space Allusion - Dark Flood, Menial>>TUOMAS JAATINEN>>Dark Flood, Menial

Dolorian, Ghost Machinery>>Jussi Ontero>>Dolorian, Ghost Machinery – Dolorian, Ghost Machinery>>Jussi Ontero>>Dolorian, Ghost Machinery - Ghost Machinery>>Jarkko Väisänen>>Ghost Machinery - Mournful Lines>>MATTI HALONEN>>Mournful Lines

History & Biography
Oulu-based Planet Caravan was formed in 1997. Pete Ahonen and Jukka Kyrö recorded a 4-track demo with several guest musicians in 1999.

Jukka Kyrö was present on the band’s first two albums. Bassist Jukka Jokikokko was added simultaneous to the release of Burned Down The Enemy. Metal Heaven Records in Europe and Soundholic in Japan issued the album. Drummer Jari Kaiponen left the band in the middle of 2008 to focus on National Napalm Syndicate whose album, Devolution Of The Species, was due in September. His replacement happened to be the band’s keyboardist Jussi Ontero. The band’s ’s fourth album, Empyre, was out in December, 2008 through Metal Heaven. The album featured new songs, re-recordings and several cover versions. In 2012, Finland’s Burning Point signed a deal with Scarlet Records. The band's newest album, The Ignitor, was released later in that the year. In 2014, The group recruited singer Nitte Vänskä (ex-Battle Beast) and keyboardist Jarkko Väisänen.

The band switched to AFM beginning with its 2015 album. Nitte Valo was on vocals here. Luca Sturniolo was on vocals and Tuomas Jaatinen was on drums for the 2021 album.


The biography's mention of a guest keyboardist would have been enough grounds to condemn the band to the dustbin of history. In actual fact Oulu, Finland's Burning Point is a decent heavy metal band. The offending keyboardist takes a very low key approach and the quartet go about their business like men displaying influences such as Iron Maiden, Helloween and Nevermore. The threatened (as per bio and band name) Black Sabbath influences never materialize and while guitarist Ahonen is influenced by Malmsteen his playing is much heftier and more metallic than the Swedish disappointment. Burning Point has shot a video for Fall Of Thy Kingdom and is in studio recording at the time of writing so we can be certain of hearing more from the band in the future. Look for them.


Burning Point