Burning Rain - 1999 - Pony Canyon
Pleasure To Burn - 2000 - Pony Canyon
Epic Obsession – 2013 - Frontiers
Face The Music - 2019 - Frontiers

Burning Rain image
S= Big Trouble, St. John, Sun King, Lynch Mob, Kingdom Come, Quiet Riot>>KEITH ST. JOHN>>Lynch Mob, Kingdom Come, Quiet Riot

G= Lion, Dio, Bad Moon Rising, Hurricane, Solo, Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies, Revolution Saints>>DOUG ALDRICH>>Dio, Solo, Whitesnake, Revolution Saints

B= Hericane Alice, Bangalore Choir, Bad Moon Rising>>Ian Mayo – Quiet Riot, House Of Lords, Great White, Resurrection Kings, XYZ, Dokken>>Sean McNabb>>Quiet Riot, Dokken, Resurrection Kings - Y&T, Bobby Blotzer's Ratt>>BRAD LANG

D= Steelheart>>Alex Macarovich – Bang Tango, Beautiful Creatures, Ace Frehley, Faithsedge>>Matt Starr>>Ace Frehley, Faithsedge, Kix - Slaughter, Sin City Sinners, TSO>>BLAS ELIAS>>Slaughter, Sin City Sinners, TSO

History & Biography
This band was formed in 1998. The spring of 2001 saw the departure of Alex Macarovich. Former Bad Moon Rising drummer Jackie Ramos replaced him.

Brad Lang and Blas Elias were heard on Face The Music. The band had been inactive for several years due to members' other acts. Starr joined Kix for several concerts in 2023 when that band's drummer was incapacitated.



Burning Rain