Mind Control - 2008 - Mediaskare/Century Media
Offspring Of Time - 2010 - Mediaskare/Century Media

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S= David Montenegro - Misericordiam, Malodorous>>CAMERON "BIG CHOCOLATE" ARGON

The San Diego-based band was fronted by Dane Reinhart on vocals and backed by Alex Pinedo on drums and issued a demo in 2005. With the singer gone the group issued another demo in 2007, which featured much singing by guitarist Arde. This demo was later issued by Mediaskare/Century Media. The label signed the group and issued the debut, Mind Control, in 2008. It was recorded in Seattle and mixed in Los Angeles by Logan Mader of Cavalera Conspiracy fame. The group had undertaken touring with the likes of Suicide Silence and Beneath The Massacre. All members were under the age of eighteen upon the debut’s release.

The San Diego deathcore band announced its second album, Offspring Of Time, on July 20th through Mediaskare Records. It featured Cameron Argon on vocals.


Burning The Masses is indeed an exercise in mind control. The generic riffs, the show-me-off technical riffing that miss the mark, the flashy lead guitars that say absolutely nothing and the lack of song writing skills are all symptoms of a scene gone awry. It is always a bad sign when a label cannot sign the band straight up and instead has to come up with a lower royalty, lower support, inferior contract imprint to house a band. That should explain the band and elucidate Mediaskare.
No doubt, about it, these teenagers can play, but frankly, who gives a toss when every single song makes the rewind button obsolete? Moreover, someone in the band must be Russian (or something). The generic techno-metal (webzines are sure to call them 'deathcore' even if there is neither 'death' nor 'core' in the band’s repertoire - but hey...) songs are interspersed by acoustic interludes where someone is reminiscing and giving himself away by playing quasi-ethnic folklore acoustica. Even more frankly, the songs are so redundantly boring that one cannot be bothered to think any further about the guitar strums’ origins. Resurrection’s debut album, anyone?
Fact is, as much as these guys are surely nice and pleasant youngsters who mean well and as much as the tightness and technicality manage to impress and as amazing as the drums are with nary a song in sight there is absolutely no connection between the music and the listener. The band is trying too hard. Witness song titles like Moltres, Gerascophobia or Chupacabra. Testament’s The New Order was technical, had flashy solos and meant something (a lot) to the fan. In contrast, the new glut of breakdown-prone techno-speedsters that are flooding the market will be gone as quickly as they arrived. The band members are all advertising albums by bands like Death, Mayhem and Skinless on their shirts. Wouldn’t it have been beneficial had they noticed that these bands stood for something and created quality songs? In the meanwhile, every label needs to have the standard two signees on its roster - but just not on its main imprint out of fear of embarrassment. - Ali “The Metallian”


Burning The Masses