Official Bootleg Live – 2004 - Sabbathid
Apocalyptic Bestial Congregation – 2008 – H.M.S.S.
North Of Hell – 2017 – Obliteration
Live At Helsinki Death Fest 2019 – 2020 - Grotesque

S= Maggoty Corpse, Black Flower>>BUTCHER ANALTOSHIT [NARUTOSHI SEKINE]>>Black Flower – Defiled>>Butcher K [Kenji Sato]
G= Maggoty Corpse, CSSO>>BUTCHER ANALTOSHIT [NARUTOSHI SEKINE]>>CSSO – Haru [Hisao Hashimoto]
B= CSSO, Black Flower>>Butcher Chemi-Kill [Sumito Sekine]>>CSSO, Black Flower – Abort Mastication>>BUTCHER TAKA [TAKANORI KUBO]>>Abort Mastication
D= Black Flower, CSSO>>Barbequeen>>Black Flower, CSSO – Intestine Baalism, Awaked, Surge Line, Cemment>>BUTCHER HSO [HISAO HASHIMOTO]>>Intestine Baalism, Awaked, Surge Line, Cemment

Butcher ABC was founded by Analtoshit and Grotes-Q. This band cut emat for two years between 1994 and 1996 before closing shop only to return in the year 2000 under Analtoshit’s direction. Promo Demo 2002 and Live Demo came in the eyars 2002 and 2003 respectively. The group’s first show was Shinjuku Wall in Tokyo in 2002. Butcher K had joined in 2003 only. The Butchered At Birth Day EP was issued in 2003, but do you think that would stop a band like this? Either way, the EP’s cover depicted what the Japanese call ‘Yakitoria.’ The band toured with Dead Infection and the result was partly cut to become a live album. Promotion CD-R Limited In Obscene Extreme Festival 2004 was a 2004 demo offering. Maryland Deathfest 2006 Promo was also issued by Obliteration Records. A tour of Japan with Impaled and General Surgery took place in 2006. The logo here resembled Bolt Thrower’s! Butchered Feast Of Being was a 2006 EP and followed multiple split releases. The Apocalyptic Bestial Congregation album came in 2008. Power it Up Records of Germany issed Road To Hell - Live 7 Inch EP in 2014. The usual araay of split releases followed until 2017 when a proper full-length emerged. Butchery Workshop 2002 – 2009 was a compilation courtesy of Bizarre Leprous Production in 2018. That same year the band played at Obscene Extereme in the Czech Republic. Live At Helsinki Death Fest 2019 came in 2020. The band opened for Nervosa in 2019 and played at Toky’s Keep And Walk Fest in 2020. Butcher Jong joined on guitar in 2020.

Butcher Chemi-Kill and Butcher Analtoshit are brothers. The latter man runs Obliteration Records. The band likes to proclaim “Heavy Metal is Law, Death Metal is Low, Gore Grind is Raw.”



Butcher ABC