Pathologist Instability - 2004 - Resound Grind
Serial Grinder - 2005 - The Spew
Grindpeace – 2008 – Punishment 18
One of Them – 2012 – The Spew
Zombology - 2023 - Punishment 18

Cadaveric Crematorium image
S= DR.

G= Pierre Jad - Solid Noise, Stefano Zani's Project>>WILLI [GIOVANNI BILONI]>>Solid Noise, Stefano Zani's Project - Synapses>>ALESSIO "CIULAZ" FASSOLI>>Synapses

B= Putredine>>NECROM

D= Nadir, Cardiac, Silence Murdered, Terzogrado, Methedras, Solid Noise>>PARLA>>Methedras, Solid Noise

History & Biography
Cadaveric Crematorium was formed in Brescia in 1996 and immediately began shedding members. The only original member remaining in the line-up is drummer Parla. A debut demo was entrusted to tape in 1999. After more line-up changes a second demo, Cry Now Motherfucker, was recorded and released. Shows with the likes of Necrophagist, General Surgery and Natron followed. The Italians signed with The Spew after exiting a contract with Resound Grind due to inattention and issued Serial Grinder at the end of 2005. Parla left in 2011, but returned a couple of years later.

The band released an album called Zombology through Punishment 18 Records on 28.04.2023. It had been a decade since the act had a record. The group had reactivated in 2022. Alessio "Ciulaz" Fassoli was in the band since 2015. Guitarist Mirco had stayed briefly previously. The band headlined a show called Death In Summer and was booked for Rock Inn Somma. The band and Kryptonomicon shared the stage in the autumn of 2023.


Three and a half spins of Serial Grinder are more than enough. The album is now destined for the shelf never to come back again. As if there weren’t enough ”˜joke’ metal bands around, here comes yet another one. Cadaveric Crematorium is supposed to be grindcore, although they mix blues, opera, jokes, cover versions and the usual array of comical non-essentials into songs with names like Zombies (Odore Di Fame), Dance Of Maniac and Kings Of Farm. Folks, Nanowar is funny. This, on the other hand, is silly. One wonders whether all the silliness is supposed to mask a lack of musical ability. - Ali “The Metallian”


Cadaveric Crematorium