El Alamein - 2006 - Nocturna
Sacrilege Of Humanity - 2010 - Selfmadegod
Fading Reliefs - 2014 - Selfmadegod

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S= Via Mistica, Apokatastasis, Abused Majesty>>Ghaez [Grzesiek]>>Abused Majesty – Deabhar, The Black Thunder>>MARCIN "SZCZEPAN" SZCZEPAŃSKI>>Deabhar, The Black Thunder
G= Eileithyias, Diseased>>Maciek "Iwan" Jakoniuk>>Cinis - Stygmat, Dead Infection, Cinis, Tehace>>PANZERHAUSER [PIOTR HUZAR]>>Tehace - In Silence>>Zombie [Arkadiusz Jozefowicz] – Tehace, Struggle With God>>Michael Mezger>>Tehace, Struggle With God, Devour Universe
B= Extremis Necrosis, Aggressor>>HACEL [DANIEL SZYMANOWICZ]>>Aggressor, Sarmat

Possibly one of the weirder names within the death metal scene Calm Hatchery was founded in 2002 in Bialystok by Huzar, Radad and Iwana and issued a demo called First Dream. The debut was recorded in 2004 with singer Ghaez and only issued two years later. Maciek Jakoniuk and Ghaez left following the debut. A 2007 demo was called These Which Were. It included a cover of a Death song.

Calm Hatchery completed its second album Sacrilege Of Humanity in the autumn of 2010. The band had signed a worldwide deal with Selfmadegod and the album would hit the stores on the 15th of November. Calm Hatchery was preparing to enter the studio in the autumn of 2013 in order to record its third studio full-length. The forthcoming as-yet-untitled full-length was slated for early 2014 release, once again through Selfmadegod Records. Michael Mezger was now on guitars. The Polish death metal squad finished work on its new full-length, Fading Reliefs, which was slated for release in October through Selfmadegod Records. Mezger was already out and replaced by Jakub Kwidziński. Pawel Korneluk of Earthfall joined on bass as well in 2018. He joined Sarmat in 2021.



Calm Hatchery