Omnivorous – 2012 – Nailjar
Ritual Paprika – 2016 - Nailjar
Nekrokluster – 2021 – Time To Kill

Cannibal Accident image
S= Anaaliklaani, Replication>>PETRI KOLKKA>>Anaaliklaani, Replication – Virulent Blessing, Tamakeri>>HEIKKI RAISIO>>Virulent Blessing, Tamakeri – Crmson Midwinter, Cerebrum, Hellbox, Axgressor>>JUSSI HELENIUS
G= Nephritis, Deceiver, Replication, Hellbox, Whatevermotherfuckers>>PETRI KOLKKA>>Hellbox, Replication, Whatevermotherfuckers
B= Watch Me Fall, Morbid Dream, Hateform>>JONI SUODENJARVI>>Hateform
D= Nephritis, Hellbox>>Jussi Lenets>>Hellbox - ALEKSI WILKMAN

The band began to grind in 2007. Lenets and Kolkka were at a local rock club then and founded the band. A self-titled 2009 demo was eventually re-issued by Torn Flesh Records in 2011. The Shotgun Selfie was a 2020 EP. Finland-based grindcore band Cannibal Accident signed to Italian label Time To Kill Records in 2020 for the release of a new album in 2021. Cannibal Accident’s Nekrokluster album was released through Time To Kill on 26.02.2021.



Cannibal Accident