Live At Asakusa Deathfest Tokyo, Japan – 2017 - Obliteration
Chapel Of Abhorrence – 2018 – Season Of Mist
Where Death Lies – 2020 – Season Of Mist


S= Prematory>>SIMON DUSON>>Prematory
G= Warbeast Remains>>BERT VERVOORT – Fallout, Striking Death, Incinerate>>JONATHAN VERSTREPEN>>Incinerate
D= Fallout, The Reckoning, Infernal Legion>>Morbid [Jurgen Sterckx]>>Fallout, Exoto – Hämmerhead, Schizophrenis, Metal Against Coronavirus>>VINCENT VERSTREPEN>>Schizophrenia, Metal Against Coronavirus


Jonathan Verstrepen formed the band in 2013 and had an EP called Cemetery Of The Insane in 2015. Live At Asakusa Deathfest Tokyo, Japan was recorded in 2016. The tracks also appeared on an Obliteration sampler. Drummer Morbid left in 2016. The group signed with Season Of Mist in February 2018. By now the act had played at Summer Breeze and Eindhoven Metal Meeting. The Belgium-based death metal band Carnation had an album called Chapel Of Abhorrence through Season Of Mist in mid-2018. The gang had also toured Brazil. Former Pungent Stench man commemorated the thirtieth anniversary of the band’s last album with European X-Mas shows. Schirenc played Pungent Stench tunes and brought as openers Carnation, Theotoxin and Irdorath. The death metal act teamed up with Galaxy Studio for the recording of a virtual performance which took place on April 18th 2021.