Field Trip – 2021 – Nomad Eel

S= Rampage, Watchtower, Assalant, Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Godzilla Motor Company, Cygnus And The Sea Monsters, Sad Wings, Terminal 45, Ignitor, Killin’ Time, Evil United, Howling Sycamore, Dirty Looks>>JASON MCMASTER>>Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Ignitor, Evil United, Dirty Looks, Howling Sycamore
G= Hades, Non-Fiction, Solo, The Cursed, Vessel Of Light>>DAN LORENZO>>Vessel Of Light
B= Attacker, Hades, Dan Lorenzo, Vessel Of Light>>JIMMY SCHULMAN>>Hades, Vessel Of Light
D= Hades, HavocHate, Dan Lorenzo, Overkill, Ministry Of Hate, Southern Shift, Verni, Whiplash, Vessel Of Light>>RON LIPNICKI>>Ministry Of Hate, Southern Shift, Verni, Whiplash, Vessel Of Light

The act started as a Dan Lorenzo cover band and was essentially members of Hades playing cover versions. Scott LePage Of hades was in the band. With McMaster on-board the band became serious. The band issued a single called Traveler in 2021. Fresh off releasing its debut album Field Trip on Nomad Eel Records, Cassius King released a video for the song Cleopatra's Needle. The band was Jason McMaster – vocals, Ron Lipnicki – drums, Jimmy Schulman – bass and Dan Lorenzo – guitar. The albums cover artwork was by Claudio Bergamin who had worked with Judas Priest on Firepower.

Cassius was not a king, but a mere Roman general who led the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar.



Cassius King