Preamble To Oblivion - 2002 - Selfmadegod
Dimension 303 - 2005 - Selfmadegod
Southwest Doom Violence – 2021 - Grindfather

Catheter image
HAROLDO MARDONES - JEFF MONTOYA – Ironkind>>Keith Sanchez>>Smaug

Nightbringer>>Kyle Spanswick>>Rhune, Nightbringer, Akhlys, Bestia Arcana, Adoratos – Smaug, Sinister Creed>>JEFF MONTOYA>>Smaug, Sinister Creed - KEITH SANCHEZ

Ironkind>>Wally Cox>>Ironkind, Elucidarius – Donovan –Vomit Slaughter>> IAN STIEN>>Vomit Slaughter

Capitalist Casualties, Aberrant>>HAROLDO MARDONES [H MURDER]>>Capitalist Casualties, Aberrant, Ironkind, Doldrums, Savage, Pariah, Deconsecration

History & Biography
Hyper-speed grindcore band Catheter was formed in 1997 in Colorado and soon began working with Italy’s Headfucker Records - analogous to fellow Coloradoans Cephalic Carnage. 2000 brought a couple of obligatory split releases, respectively with Laughing Dog and Fiendead and a tour of USA and Canada. Several more with Bent Over Backwards, Forced Instinct and other followed on labels like Selfishfucker Records.

The band’s debut full-length, Preamble To Oblivion, was originally mostly released through Headfucker Records. More split records were interrupted by a compilation called Do You Love Grind? from 2004 which was issued by Civilisation Records. Selfmadegod issued a proper new full-length in late 2005 called Dimension 303, which was recorded at Flatline Audio. Fast & Furious Records issued the album on vinyl. The band also toured the USA and Europe. Southwest Doom Violence was recorded in 2011 and issued in 2012. It featured Ian Stien on bass. The band members operate 303 Records.


This album could have been recorded at half the speed and still ripped heads off. In fact, the way these grinders attack is like being hit in the face by an electric buzzsaw. The guitars ravage with distortion, the singers hurl, bark and vomit with dedicated vengeance and the drummer become airborne as he pummels the kit and everything else within reach.
Catheter is playing as though its life depended on it and pulls it off courtesy of a hefty sound and commanding knowledge of the art form known as grindcore. Aside from the outro and track twelve, Wasted Time, the listener would be hard pressed to find a slow moment or to catch his breath. Sonic violence at its purest form Catheter is the new catchword for fans of Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death and Cephalic Carnage. At 18 tracks and 35 minutes this is the album that neither short-changes the fans of the blasted genre time or value-wise. - Ali “The Metallian”