Chained To The Nite – 2009 - Earache
Burning Fortune – 2011 – Earache
Tomorrow’s Lost – 2012 - Earache
In Ruin – 2016 – The End
New Gods – 2018 - Dissonance

Cauldron image
S= Forcefed, Thor, Goat Horn>>JASON DECAY [JASON JUNOP]
G= Thor, Chainbreaker>>IAN CHAINS [IAN KILPATRICK]>>Chainbreaker
B= Ash Lee Blade, Forcefed, Thor, Goat Horn>>JASON DECAY [JASON JUNOP]
D= Goat Horn>>Al Artillery [Alan Chambers]>>Dawn Of Svarogh, Chainbreaker – Forecfeed, Aggressor>>Chris Rites [Chris Stephenson] – Wohedness, Hellacaust, Agoretion, Pith>>MYLES DECK>>Pith

The band was formed following the demise of Goathorn. Toronto’s Cauldron signed with Earache Records in late summer of 2008. The band’s debut full-length, Chained To The Nite, was out in March, 2009. Nightmare Over The UK was a 2010 split with Enforcer. The trio would release its third full-length album, Tomorrow's Lost, in October, 2012 through Earache Records. The album was recorded in Toronto with producer Jameson Elliott. Cauldron had also recruited drummer Myles Deck of Hellacaust. Chris Steve was out. In 2015, Toronto, Canada’s Cauldron signed with The End Records and would release its fourth album, In Ruin. The band was returning to Lincoln County Social Club studio in Toronto. In Ruin was out on January 8th through The End Records. High Roller Records would issue the album in Europe on January 29. The band released a new album, called New Gods, through Dissonance Productions in September.