Fester And Putrefy – 2010 – Listenable
The New Era – 2018 - Satanath


S= Khiros, Catenatam Lucem, Woland>>W [Peik Mattheiszen]>>Khiros, Catenatam Lucem, Woland - Antagonist Zero, Coprolith, I Lied>>B.P. [BEN PAKARINEN]>>Antagonist Zero, Coprolith, I Lied
G= Coprolith>>J.K. [JOUNI KORHONEN]>>Coprolith – Furia, Antagonist Zero, Coprolith, Devilish Impressions>>B.P. [BEN PAKARINEN]>>Coprolith, Antagonist Zero, Devilish Impressions – Daat, Rienaus>>H.>>Daat, Rienaus
B= A.R.G.
D= T.T.T.


This Finland-based black metal band has been spreading its evil and love since 2007. Guitarist J.K and drummer T.T.T. in Porvoo founded it. The self-titled demo was issued in 2009. Listenable signed the band and issued Fester And Putrefy in late 2010. A tour with Gorgoroth ensued. The band was even less known after the band’s release than before so went dark until a new label, a new album and new singer in 2018.


The new era culls quite a few elements from the older era and mixes it in a puree that sounds like a cross between old Venom, Satyricon and a blender. The vocalist chimes in with his best impression of a phlegm regurgitator, Cronos and a demon drawing his last breath. Imagine if Satyricon and Impaled Nazarene influenced a punk band and came out of the mouth of hell with all the ‘fuck you’ attitude of a punk band. Say hello to Cavus.
Past a cover depicting the type of cheap hooker budget priced for a couple of altar boys back from church The New Era begins with a recording of the devil playing cello as a requiem for a world ridden with ISIS, Trump and Duterte and goes into lo-fi black punk metal howling in the course of ten simplistic, effective, raging, horrific tracks. The vocals alternate between writhing in pain and glorifying voracious omophagia depending on the track. The patterns are not that dissimilar from song to song. This is the element that brings this album down. There is also the occasionally pots and pan-ish drum sound not favoured here at Metallian Towers. Divine Power is delightfully fast. There is a momentary serpentine hiss at the 4:01 and 4:12 marks. The Strength Of Hatred highlights the delightfully distorted bass. Come To Me Shadows is again faster, reminiscent of Venom as a whole and Cronos vocally specifically. As mentioned, the vocals are tormented throughout. It all ends with the devil uttering the last rites for a planet performing even beyond his expectations. It is debatable whether Cavus and singer B.P. have actual lyrics, but the group could claim either way and no one would be the wiser. This is that kind of an album. – Ali “The Metallian”