Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed – 2008 - Debemur Morti
Ω – 2013 - Terratur Possessions

S= Selvhat, Grenjar, Miseria X, Kaosritual, Jammerskrik, Castrum Doloris, Unbeing, One Tail, One Head, Slagmaur>>MEHIMOLOTH/S.V.F. [STEINGRIM TORSON BRISSACH]>>Selvhat, Castrum Doloris, Miseria X, Kaosritual, Jammerskrik, Grenjar, Unbeing, One Tail, One Head, Slagmaur

G= One Tail, One Head, Behexen>>WRAATH/LUCTUS>>One Tail, One Head, Behexen, Darvaza, Whoredom Rife, Ritual Death, Beyond Man

B= Aptorian Demon, One Tail, One Head, Dødsengel>>WRAATH/LUCTUS>>Aptorian Demon, One Tail, One Head, Dark Sonority, Darvaza, Dødsengel, Black Majesty, Misþyrming, Beyond Man – Kaosritual, Dark Sonority>>H. Tvedt >>Dark Sonority

D= Nephrite>>TILLER [KENNETH TILLER]>>Omega, Nachash

K= H. Tvedt>>Ritual Death

History & Biography
This Trondheim, Norway-based black metal band lasted between 2000 and 2009. S.V.F. was accidentally shot by his friend in 2009. The 2001 initial demo was called Mitt Rike, which translated to My Kingdom. Apocalyptic Empire Records of Tiller issued the band’s self-titled 7” in 2006. A debut album in 2008 came next.

The band went the way of Euronymous in 2009, but the track Mitt Rike re-appeared on a split single with Urfaust in 2011 posthumously. The same went for the Ω album of 2013, which was taped in 2010. H. Tvedt was heard on this release. Ω represented ‘omega,’ which was the name of a band Tiller joined in 2014.

Slagmaur’s 2009 song Klokker Tramp was dedicated to Steingrim.