Forever Scarlet Passion - 1993 - Adipocere
Solar Lovers - 1995 - Displeased
Orange - 1997 - Big Bloke
Chrome - 1999 - Hans Kusters
Lunchbox Dialogues - 2000 - La Guapa


S= Orphanage>>Stefan Ruiters>>Orphanage - CYRIL CRUTZ
G= Jeroen Haverkamp - Robert Ruiters - PIM VAN ZANEN - OLLY SMIT
B= Lucas van Slegtenhorst - Jason Kohnen - Olly Smit - JACQUES DE HAARD
D= Jason Kohnen>>Bluuurgh..., Orphanage, Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave - ROB SNIJDERS
V= Jiska ter Bals - Maaike Aarts


Celestial Season is a regular Deep Purple, a regular Napalm Death, a ...anyway, there were no original members left in Celestial Season!

The band was one of the '90s’ infamous 'atmospheric' bands before discovering Kyuss and changing gears. The style change is one reason so many members have come and gone. The band was formed in 1992 and released a demo called Promises, which became Metal Hammer's demo of the month. Two of the songs appeared on Witchhunt Records' Flower Skin sampler. The band toured with the likes of Sadness, Gorefest and Skyclad and appeared on a Nuclear Blast Death Is Just The Beginning 3. Nuclear Blast was said to be taking over the band's promotion. La Guapa is the band's own label.

Displeased Records released the band's Solar Lovers album with 3 EPs, namely Sonic Orb, Above Azure Oceans and Flowerskin, as a bonus in 2005. Transcending Records re-issued Solar Lovers in 2018. It was originally released by Displeased Records in 1995. The band had called it quits in 2002, but reformed in 2011 and played Solar Lovers live in its entirety and released a re-recorded version of Decamerone as well.



Celestial Season