Lost Humanity – 1995 - Eclipse
Donor – 1996 - Eclipse
Cemment – 2000 - Born


S= Concrete Experience>>FUTO TAICHI>>Concrete Experience – Varam, Gigaton>>ABE CHANG>>Varam, Gigaton
G= Concrete Experience, Varam>>FUTO TAICHI>>Concrete Experience, Varam
B= "32" Kondo>>Concrete Experience, Shellshock [Mitsuhiro Kondo] - Raita
D= Blasdead>>Masaru Azekura


Cemment came together as Cement in 1994, promptly changed its monicker and issued a demo called Irresistable Impulse. Another demo was called Taichi. Eclipse Records of Japan signed the band and issued Lost Humanity. 1997 brought the Antithese EP. 2000 brought a new record and label, but the group split up. Fourteen years passed and the group reappeared in 2015. Masaru was part of the line-up, but he retrenched in 2017. Japan-based industrial/thrash metal band Cemment signed a deal with Agoge Records in 2018. The EP Resurrection From Carnage would be out in digital format soon.

The Japan-based death metal band had a new single and video called In Carnation in 2021. The band used a drum machine.