Choronzonic Chaos Gods - 1999 - FMP
Liber ZarZax - 2001 - Listenable
Contra Rationem – 2013 - Listenable

Centurian image
Severe Torture, Shrunken Head, Voodoo Gods, Nox>>Seth Vande Loo>>Severe Torture, Shrunken Head, Voodoo Gods, Nox - Zi Xul>>Jerry Brouwe – Abhorrence, Nox, Prostitute Disfigurement>>NIELS ADAMS>>Prostitute Disfigurement

Inquisitor>>ROB OORTHIUS – Zi Xul>>Oskar Van Paradijs>>Nox

Severe Torture>>Patrick Boleij>>Severe Torture - Zi Xul>>Jerry Brouwer - Severe Torture>>PATRICK BOLEIJ>>Severe Torture

Inquisitor, Hammerhawk>>Wim Van Der Walk>>Hammerhawk, Sammath - Extreme Cold Winter, Nox>>SETH VAN DE LOO>>Extreme Cold Winter, Nox

History & Biography
The band was formed early 1997 after the break up of Inquisitor whose founder joined Ancient Rites. The band plays death metal. The band left FMP and signed to Listenable mid-2000 to have a label closer to home. The band also lost half its members in that year. Having recruited new members, the band returns with Liber ZarZax only to disband due to further internal pressures in the spring of 2002.

The Dutch death metal band reunited in 2012 and was working on a new album, called Contra Rationem, due in early 2013 on Listenable Records. The album was recorded at the We Are (Music) Junkies studio in Eindhoven with producer Jo Peeters. The group disbanded again in 2015.


Not to be confused with Italy's speed metal unit Centurion, this four piece hails from The Netherlands where they lay waste to wherever they tread. Comprised of uncompromising brutality and formidable speeds, the Dutch death metallers churn out whirlwind speed as efficiently as anyone else out there. So obviously influenced by the older sounds of the scene (where pure metal, fast solos and catchy riffs were not unusual) like Incubus, Thanatos and Massacra; the Centurian guys adapt those principles with 90's death metal (i.e. Morbid Angel, Deicide and Altar) to release a very strong album. Only let down partially by the sound, tracks like Let Jesus Bleed, Blood For Satan and In the Name of Chaos slash and bruise with maximum death fury. Noteworthy are the effect on Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught and the violent guitar picking on Soultheft whose tightness reaches Sinister proportions on occasion! Let the commercial magazines interview Cradle of hype and dummy burger; in truth this is where it's at in the underground!

Do you like Glen Benton's visceral vocals? Do you worship the tight musicianship and whirlwind speed of Sinister? Do you worship at the altar of Vader? Hail Centurian! It's an empty feeling reviewing the album of a band that has already laid down its arms and descended into nether retirement, but Holland's Centurian is one of the rare death and black metal bands which understood the essence of the genre and delivered pure abyssic hatred. The Book of the Power of the Tenth Aethyr called Zax is a consistent album which never fails to deliver. The sound could have benefited from a more lively production, but multi-channel brutal vocals courtesy of recent inductee Jerry Brouwer, swift guitar picking and hefty soloing, punchy rhythm section, blood-soaked lyrics, demonic cover art and more are all present. There is nothing more to say.