Asphyxiating On Excrement – 2009 - SFC
Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication – 2012 – Sevared
Bifurcation Of Primordial Slamateurs – 2017 – Rising Nemesis

Cerebral Incubation image
S= Vince Klapp - Pathology, Nemesism>>ANDREW LOMASTRO>>Pathology, Nemesism

G= Cephalotripsy>>MARK CANDELAS>>Cephalotripsy

B= Ben Martinez>>Vomiting Entrails

D= Euphegenia>>Ricky Nunez>>Euphegenia

History & Biography
The band came together to play death metal in 2007. A demo called Dialation & Evacuation Of A Fetal Demise was out soon. Singers Nick Lebowski and Jaymes Grundmann came and went. The band was inspired by McDonalds for its debut album. Klapp was replaced by Lo Mastro. The band played at the Berlin Death Fest in Germany in 2012. Nunez left briefly and returned - and again two years later. Travis LaBerge joined on bass in 2020. Cerebral Incubation re-issued the Fermenting Cranial Inebriating Fluids EP of November 2021 through Brutal Mind in early 2022. The band was booked for Rock The Hell in Switzerland and Slam Dakota in 2023. The band was on a short run of concerts with Pyrexia in Eastern USA in 2023.

The band likes to use samples from films.



Cerebral Incubation