Too Late To Pray - 1986 - New Renaissance

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Deffen, Dimage, No Love Lost, Satori, Vinnie Vincent Invasion>>SCOTT BOARD>>Dimage, No Love Lost, Satori, Vinnie Vincent Invasion

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History & Biography
Cerebus was a US HM band with a LP and an EP to its name. The act was formed in 1984 and had two 1985 demos. The group gigged the most during this period.

The band and Heaven and Hell Records planned to re-issue the sole LP and EP of Cerebus as two separate CD releases in 2017. The releases included the 1986 full-length Too Late To Pray, 1987’s …Like A Banshee On The Loose EP, the limited Regression Progression demo from 1991 and the never before heard last songs recorded with guitarist Chris Pennell in the early 2000s. The band was singer Scott Board, guitarists Chris Pennell and Andy Huffine, bassist Eric Burgess and drummer Joby Barker. Pennell died in 2010. The band was to play the Legions Of Metal Festival 2017 in Chicago. The band appeared at Keep It True Festival in 2018. From Beyond The Vault Door was a 2019 demo. Otherwise, the band was quiet.