No Longer Silent - 1998 - Destro

Ceremonium image
S= Oscar Matter>>Deteriorot - Hemlock, The Dying Light>>Brandon Diaz>>Hemlock, The Dying Light

G= Iabhorher, Putrifact, Hemlock, Incantation, Obliteration>>TOM PIOLI>>Hemlock, Obliteration, Netherworld Assembly, Thevetat - Hemlock>>Brandon Diaz>>Hemlock

B= Iabhorher, The Dying Light, Redrum>>Pasquale ‘Leno’ Recca>>The Dying Light, Redrum, Villains, Python

D= Chris Teredici

History & Biography
After the demise of Fungus and Putrifact, the band was put together in October of 1992. Only five months later Necroharmonic Records released the Nightfall In Heaven 7". This was followed by demo 93. With Into The Autumn Shade, Ceremonium released a lone MCD in 1995 on the brand new Mangled Records. Craig Pillard, former singer of Incantation, joined the band for a while, but was quickly gone from the fold.

In the ensuing years the band appeared on the What's For Dinner compilation of Pavement Music and Visionaries Of The Macabre compilation of Lost Disciple Records. Tom Pioli departed and the band broke up, despite having signed to Soul Sold Music and having released its own album.

The band reformed in 2000 with a line-up of Brandon Diaz on vocals/guitar, Tom Pioli on guitars and Chris Teredici on drums. Bassist Leno Recca (also of The Dying Light) would have a short tenure with the band. The new line-up played at Woodstock 2000 and continued its own Destro Records.

The band officially called it a day in the winter of 2004. "I initially put Ceremonium on indefinite hiatus because of Brandon Diaz's (vocals/guitar) physical condition (i.e. cancer)," stated guitarist Thomas Pioli. The band, nevertheless, went on an indefinite hiatus.

The band signed to Weird Truth Productions in early 2006 in order to issue a compilation CD entitled The Netherworld Project. The group’s double disc CD, Where Roses Were Planted Thorns Grow, was due for February, 2007 through Japan’s Weird Truth Productions. Guitarist Thomas Pioli and singer Oscar Matter regrouped in 2007 and were recruiting new members. Instead, Weird Truth issued a compilation called Dreams We Have Written in 2012. Swarm To The Nightsky Threshold was a 2023 compilation with demo and rehearsal material. A 1992 demo, A Fading Cry For Repentance, was also re-released.