Brutal - 2004 - Century Media

Chaosbreed image
S= Sentenced, Impaled Nazarene, The Black League>>Taneli Jarva>>The Black League, Diavolos, Pussies, Friends Of Hell

G= Violent Solution, Amorphis>>Esa Holopainen>>Amorphis, Ysuka20, Silver Lake By Esa Holopainen - Moonsorrow>>MARKO TARVONEN>>Moonsorrow, October Falls, Barren Earth, Arthemesia, Thy Serpent

B= Amorphis, Nuxvomica, Rytmihäiriö, Mannhai>>OPPU LAINE>>Mannhai, Barren Earth, Amorphis

D= Lullacry, Gandalf, Coarse>>NALLE OSTERMAN>>Gandalf, Shaman

History & Biography
This band was a new Finnish death metal project featuring bassist Oppu Laine (ex-Amorphis, Mannhai), ex-Gandalf drummer Nalle Österman, guitarist Marko Tarvonen (Moonsorrow), guitarist Esa Holopainen (Amorphis) as well as vocalist Taneli Jarva (ex-Sentenced, The Black League). The project had an EP called Unleashed Carnage on Finnish label Rising Realm Records in 2003.

A recording session for a debut full-length had to be cancelled in the summer of 2003 when producer-designate Tomas Skogsberg could not proceed with the session due to a family emergency. The band entered CCPC Studio in the autumn and recorded an album called Brutal. Two members of Entombed guested on the CD.

Chaosbreed cancelled its show in Jyväskylä on Friday, August 20th after singer Jarva injured his back at a The Black League show in Oulu. Guitarist Esa Holopainen and singer Taneli Jarva exited the band in the spring of 2005. That meant the end.


Let's cut to the chase. Chaosbreed is an Entombed clone band. The Finns, featuring current and former members of Sentenced, Amorphis and Gandalf, are so in love with Entombed's 1992 album Clandestine that they have laid down a whole album of songs sounding and structured like that particular Entombed period. While most Swedeath bands are more liable to emulate Entombed's classic debut Left Hand Path, Chaosbreed - whose name is a minor variation of a song off Clandestine called Chaos Breed - take to Entombed's second opus. The band has not only successfully reproduced Entombed's music here, but singer Taneli Jarva has done a perfect job of mimicking that album's vocals. Brutal also features guest appearances by a couple of Entombed members in order to complete the effect. - Ali "The Metallian"