Origin Of Apparition – 2007 – Wraith
Languor Into Echoes, Beyond – 2007 – Ars Magna
Resurrection Extract – 2014 – I, Voidhanger
Eschaton Memoire – 2017 - Blood

Chaos Moon image
S= Coffin, Manetheren, Solo, Skaphe, Entheogen>>ESOTERICA [ALEXANDER POOLE]>>Manetheren, Solo, Skaphe, Entheogen – Neptune, Temple Of Ascension, Spiculum Iratus>>Mark Hunter>>Stavves, Temple Of Ascension, Spiculum Iratus – Conqbine, Manetheren>>E.B. [ERIC BAKER]>>Conqbine, Manetheren

G= Coffin, Lithotome, Solo, Krieg, Skaphe, Gardsghastr, Gudveiki, Ringare, Haxanu>>ESOTERICA [ALEXANDER POOLE]>>Lithotome, Krieg, Solo, Skaphe, Gardsghastr, Gudveiki, Ringare, Haxanu – Soul Reclusion, Accursed Aeons, Benighted In Sodom, Esoterica, Lithotome, Entheogen, Gudveiki, Gardsghastr, Nokturnal Maelstrom>>S.B. [STEVEN BLACKBURN]>>Entheogen, Gudveiki, Gardsghastr, Nokturnal Maelstrom

B= Coffin, Lithotome, Skaphe, Gardsghastr, Ars Hmu, Haxanu>>ESOTERICA [ALEXANDER POOLE]>>Lithotome, Skaphe, Gardsghastr, Ars Hmu, Haxanu

D= Soul Reclusion, Manetheren, Accursed Aeons, Enfold Darkness, Entheogen, Inferi, Vital Remains, Lithotome, Gardsghastr, Nokturnal Maelstrom, Skaphe, Demon King>>JACK BLACKBURN>>Enfold Darkness, Entheogen, Inferi, Vital Remains, Lithotome, Gardsghastr, Nokturnal Maelstrom, Skaphe, Demon King

K= Temple Of Ascension, Dona Eis Requiem, Spiculum Iratus>>Mark Hunter>>Temple Of Ascension, Dona Eis Requiem, Spiculum Iratus

History & Biography
Doom/black metal band Chaos Moon has been on and off since 2004. The act was a solo one to start. The band paused in 2011 and the main man was top focus on Esoterica, returned for a year, paused and re-appeared in 2013. Regardless, it all started with a demo called Chaos Rituals in 2004, which contained four Rituals. A demo, called …And So Are The Words That Never Made It, followed in 2004. The first of two albums was Origin Of Apparition in 2007. This was something of a band compilation. Mark Hunter was on-board with the follow-up.

A 2011 demo was called The Ouroboros Worm. This one boasted a full line-up including drummer Jack Blackburn, bassist James Turk and Mr. The Many on vocals. The next demo was 2013’s Plaguebearer’s Gift. A demo called Amissum followed the 2014 LP. Hellthrasher Productions re-released this EP with bonus tracks.

Chaos Moon is a strictly part-time project as Esoterica and his minions are in at least a dozen groups per head.



Chaos Moon