The Foul Year Of Our Lord – 2000 - Undergroove
Confessions Of A Man (Mad Enough To Live Among Beasts) – 2003 - Peaceville
Spill Your Guts – 2007 - Undergroove

Charger image
S= Tim Machin – Morose, Labrat>>Martin Ives – Shallow, Danny Unett

G= JAY WOODROFFE – Murder One>>Jim Palmer>>Space Witch – Shallow, Rise To Thunder>>DANNY UNETT>>Rise To Thunder

B= Jez Leslie – RedRightHand, Unborn, Cracked Cop Skulls>>Tom O'Brien>>RedRightHand, Unborn, Cracked Cop Skulls - JEZ LESLIE

D= RedRightHand>>Paul Sanderson>>RedRightHand, Rageous Intent

History & Biography
This sludgy band was founded in 1995 and gave up in 2012. 1997 had produced a demo called Haulin' Ass. The Fuzzbastard EP arrived in 1999. The last release was a 2009 EP called Disgust At The Status Quo. Paul Sanderson had switched to vocals between 2008 and 2010.


Many bands claim it, few sound it. Fuzzbastard is the complete and total amalgam of hardcore and Black Sabbath. The sensibilities of a hardcore punk band meets the vibe and stylistic jam of the Sabs Mark I and this time it's real. COC has sold its soul to the record company and Fudge Tunnel bit the dust ages ago. None the matter, Charger is here and if you like those loud and simple riffs frolicking up and down then Fuzzbastard is your kind of a groove. Apparently this a re-release of an EP with extra tracks tagged at the end. Whatever the case, Volume Over Talent proclaims the album and why argue?