Evilspeak - 2006 - Autopsy Kitchen

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S= Defcon, Ramrod Raperokk>>RAMROD [RYAN WEISS]




History & Biography
Chemikiller is the act of one Delaware-based Ramrod, once the man behind the world’s top Mentors fan club. Belying his corporate infested state, the musician has issued a string of recordings since Chemikiller’s inception in 1999. It all began with 1986: Learning To Thrash, 4-Song Demo and Hell’s Rock N’ Roll (all from 2002), with the debut being the recordings of the man’s music with '80s’ band Defcon. Next up was a self-titled full-length demo, a split with Rademassaker and Blood Cult, another with Black Torment and finally a deal with Autopsy Kitchen Records for 2006’s Evilspeak. The album was initially scheduled for 2004.
The band sheds and gains studios, recordings and members as often as Roadrunner Records releases trendy rubbish, but remains true to the forefathers’ sound.


This album packed so much promise. The band’s name sounded good. The song titles were interesting. The biography’s proclamation that the artist, Ramrod, is more interested in '80s power than modern techniques signalled a lot. Then there are the promises on the jacket itself of “No Vikings, No Corpsepaint, No Keyboards, No Bullshit... Just Black Fuckin (sic) Thrash”. It is too bad that Evilspeak is more bravado than substance.
Of course, one could not, should not, have harboured high hopes for a one-man project using drum machines. The protagonist was the president of The Mentors fan club to boot. Still, for a man who has lived the '80s metal scene and recalls the excitement, novelty and power of bands like Exodus, Venom and Slayer to release an album this weak and slapdash is unfortunate. To be clear a couple of songs do feature the odd exciting riff (Guardian Of The Gates for instance), but instead song after song instead is a collection of under-mixed music, run-of-the-mill vocals that are a sub-par nod to Cronos and inconsequential drum beats by a computer and the odd noisy solo. Given that, and admittedly Ramrod’s heart might be in the right place and he seems sincere, it is the Satanic and non-conformist image and lyrics that have to carry the flag and that is seldom enough. Just ask The Mentors. - Ali “The Metallian”