Unholy Union - 1993 - Carnage/Baron
Daemoonseth - Act II - 1994 - Adipocere
Moonlight - Act III - 1996 - Cacophonous
Darkside - 1997 - Hammerheart
Trilogy - 1998 - Pagan
Elysium - 1999 - Metal Mind
Condemnation – 2008 – Razorbleed
NocturN – 2011 - Mystic
Legacy – 2016 – Witching Hour


S= Whispers, Moon, Seth>>CEZAR [CEZARY AUGUSTYNOWICZ]>>Moon, Whispers, Seth
G= Whispers, Moon>>CEZAR [CEZARY AUGUSTYNOWICZ]>>Moon, Whispers
B= Ash [Andrzej Get] - Dies Irae>>Mauser [Maurycy Stefanowicz]>>Dies Irae, Vader, Unsun – Frost, Moon>>Blackie [Jarosław Mielczarek]>>Kohorta – Witchmaster, Supreme Lord, Union, Profanum, Azarath>>REYASH [TOMASZ REJEK]>>Supreme Lord, Witchmaster, Azarath
D= Zurek [Adam Żuromski]>>Ash Devili – Dies Irae>>Maciej “Gilan” Liszewski>>Dies Irae – Marhoth, Sacrilegium>>Thoarinus [Przemysław Wojewoda]>>Sacrilegium – Azarath, Behemoth, Witchmaster, Deus Mortem>>Inferno [Zbigniew Robert Promiński]>>Azarath, Behemoth, Witchmaster, Deus Mortem - Bloodlust, Dissenter, Xaoz, Amorphous, F.A.M.>>MLODY [DARIUSZ PLASZEWSKI]>>Xaoz Amorphous, F.A.M.


Polish death/black metal band had two demo called Sacronocturn and Epitaph Of Christ both from 1990 and the latter released through Carnage Records. Darkside was mellower and more melodic than the band's previous work. The band had a contract dispute in 1998 with manager Mariusz Kmiottek, which took the band off the scene for a year.

Witching Hour Productions was issuing the 2015 Black Blood EP in late 2015.



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