...Got What He Deserved - 1996 - Gulli
Cancer Eradication – 2013 - Xtreem

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S= Avulsed, Holycide, Anaemia, Putrevore, Golgotha, Yskelgroth, Famishgod>>DAVE ROTTEN>>Avulsed, Holycide, Anaemia, Putrevore, Golgotha, Yskelgroth, Famishgod

G= Intoxication, Anaemia, Avulsed>>David Nigger [David Calderon]>>Anaemia, Avulsed – Confined, Nemesis Aeterna, Infected Flesh>>ROGER INFECTED [ROGER BORRULL]>>Infected Flesh

B= Intoxication>>David Nigger [David Calderon] - ROGER INFECTED [ROGER BORRULL]


K= Intoxication>>David Nigger [David Calderon]

History & Biography
CD was another of those side-projects with drum machine and not to be taken seriously. The band was founded in 1994. There was also a split 7" with Haemorrhage on Morbid Records in 1995. The band had a demo called Impale The Fraud in 1998. Several splits with Aborted, Bastard Saints and others followed. Drink…Drink The Blood! was a compilation in 2004. Roger infected joined in 2011. The group disappeared until its second album in 2013. This was on singer Rotten’s label. Roger P. (Tibosity) joined on bass in 2015 and Fabio Ramirez (Internal Suffering, Carnal, etc.) occupied the stool in 2017.



Christ Denied