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Chtonian Lifecode - 2004 - Retribute
The Devil Builds - 2012 - Godeater

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S= Eternal Silence, Killing For Company>>Terje Olsen>>Khonsu, Killing For Company, Nexorum
G= Manes>>TORSTEIN PARELIUS>>Manes – Cleaver>>ØYVIND>>Cleaver
B= Mikkel
D= Keep Of Kalessin, Subliritum>>Veggar Larsen>>Keep Of Kalessin, Subliritum

Chton was born in 2000 and had a demo in 2002 and 2006. Norwegian death metal band Chton would release its next album The Devil Builds on CD and vinyl through German label Godeater Records. The album was released in autumn of 2012 and the vinyl was planned for release in early winter 2013. Morningstar Music handled the digital release of the album. The band announced a new singer Craig (also in Demontera) to its ranks. After its previous vocalist Terje (Chton vocalist from 2002 to 2011) left the band just after recording the album The Devil Builds the band had a brief period as a four-piece with bass-player Ola handling main vocals.