Master Of Brutality. – 2001 – Southern Lord
The Second Coming – 2004 - Diwphalanx
Vol. 1 -2007 – Leaf Hound
Houses Of The Unholy – 2009 – Rise Above
Live At Roadburn 2009 – 2010 – Roadburn
Thy Kingdom Scum – 2013 – Rise Above
And Then There Were None… - 2016 – Rise Above

S= Kazuhiro Asaeda – Coffins, G.A.T.E.S>>Yoshiaki Negishi>>G.A.T.E.S, Nepenthes – Hideaki Fukasawa – Coffins, Coffins, G.A.T.E.S.>>Yoshiaki Negishi>>G.A.T.E.S, Nepenthes – Hideaki Fukasawa – Repulsion, Genocide, Death, Septic Tank, Cathedral>>Scott Carlson>>Repulsion, Septic Tank
G= Sonic Flower>>Tomohiro Nishimura>>Sonic Flower, Solo – Sonic Flower>>Takenori Hoshi>>Sonic Flower – Thomas Sutton>>The order Of Israfel, Night Viper, Cardinal Maniac – Ikuma Kawabe – Blood Farmers, The Disease Concept>>Dave Szulkin>>Blood Farmers, The Disease Concept
B= Salem, G.A.T.E.S., Sonic Flower, Skull Pit, Solo>>TATSU MIKAMI>>G.A.T.E.S., Sonic Flower, Skull Pit, Solo
D= Hideaki Shimizu – Sonic Flower>>Junji Narita>>Sonic Flower – Internal Void, Earthride>>Eric little

Japan-based Church Of Misery has been delivering doom metal about serial killers since 1995. Japanese doom bands are quite a rarity, but this one has been going in a fashion since that year. The band recorded an album, which was not issued until bootlegs started to make the rounds prompting the act to eventually release it as Vol. 1 in 2007. The first official release was the Taste The Pain EP of 1998. The line-up is Nobukazu Chow, guitarist Tomohiro Nishimura, Tatsu Mikami on bass and drummer Hideki Shimizu. The band was heard on the Doomsday recitation compilation and issued a split with Canada’s Sheavy, which screamed Black Sabbath. Murder Company was a single in 1999. The group signed with Southern Lord Recordings and instead of Master Of Reality issued Master Of Brutality. Once again the songs are about serial killers and dedicated to the same. Boston Strangler was a 2002 EP. This album was on a Japanese label although Rise Above later re-released it. A few more split releases followed until 2009’s Houses Of The Holy. The band played at the Roadburn festival in The Netherlands in 2009 and issued the recording as a limited edition in 2010. Thy Kingdom Scum was issued by Rise Above in Europe and Metal Blade in USofA. Tatsu’s Skull Pit was signed to Metal Blade five years later. Terror in Tokyo was a full-length DVD in 2013. It also had a clip of the band at Maryland Deathfest in 2012. The group toured Australia in 2013. Line-up changes have been normal within the band, but three members packed up and left in 2014 following heavy touring. And Then There Were None… was recorded in the USA and featured three Americans. The title reflected the member departures. Church Of Misery had opened for Blood Farmers on a tour of Japan and so a member of Blood Farmers was the focal point in this new line-up. Hiroyuki Takano became the singer in 2017. The band toured overseas in 2017 and 2018. The band toured Japan with Eyehategod in 2019. Guitarist Fumiya Hattori and drummer Yasunori Takada lasted part of 2020 and 2021 only. The band conducted a 25th anniversary tour of North America in early 2020. Tatsu also announced a solo album.

Many members have come and gone. Only bassist Tatsu Mikami has remained from the original line-up. Sonic Flower is a psychedelic doom band that was founded as Church Of Misery’s side-project in 2001. Church Of Misery was also the name of a band in Illinois, USA for a while.



Church Of Misery