Starving The Vultures - 1999 - Willowtip
The Genocide Machine - 2001 - Necropolis
Human Harvest - 2003 - Martyr
Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer - 2010 - Willowtip

Circle Of The Dead Children image
S= Sleepwalker>>JOE HORVATH>>Sleepwalker

G= Sleepwalker>>JASON ANDREWS>>Sleepwalker

B= Alf Kooser - Sadis Euphoria>>DREW HARITAN

D= Jon Miciolek - Mike Bartek - Mike Rosswog - MATT FRANCIS

History & Biography
The band hails from Pittsburgh and is influenced by punk and grindcore. The group went from Willowtip to Necropolis to martyr and back to Willowtip. This label issued the EP Zero Comfort Margin in 2005. The band was recording an album called Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer in 2008. Circle Of Dead Children’s newest album, Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer, featured drummer Matt Francis and was out in June of 2010 through Willowtip. It featured a new rhythm section. Haritan’s band, Sadis Euphoria, was also on Willowtip at one point.


Rookie gang Circle Of Dead Children is a grind/hardcore band hailing from Pennsylvania. The band is quite extreme in most departments, meaning a match for the taste buds of everyone from Blood to Brutal Truth and underground bands like Fuck The Facts. The political message and speed come together to make for an anti-commercial statement. Alas, this band belongs more on Relapse than on Necropolis. Their home state and hardcore leanings aside; there is not only the Brutal Truth inspiration, but also the odd electronic moment. Too bad, for TUR likes its music purely metallic and void of industrial or HC elements. With Necropolis usually opting for pure metal (ie Defiled, Rotten Sound, etc.) this one should have come out on Relapse. Still, Circle is an extreme band (and judging by the lyrics politically well-intentioned) and worth a nod for when it gets going watch for things to break and break hard. Look for a 'concert' video clip on the CD as well.


Circle Of The Dead Children