Annihilation Absolute - 1985 - Metal Blade

Cities image
S= RON ANGELL>>Father Time

G= Winter Dragon>>STEVE MIRONOVICH>>Circle Of Thorns

B= Live After Death, The Nightmare Stage, Anvil>>SAL MAYNE [SAL ITALIANO]>>Live After Death, The Nightmare Stage, Anvil

D= A.J. Pero>>Twisted Sister, Circle Of Thorns, Widow Maker, Adrenaline Mob - Twisted Sister, Circle Of Thorns>>A.J. PERO>>Widow Maker, Adrenaline Mob, Dee Snider

History & Biography
Cities' claim to fame is their drummer A.J. Pero who had left the band for Twisted Sister and only returned to record the album. The group disbanded in 1987. The band played solid HM and reformed many years later albeit for a short period in 2007 and again in 2018. Bassist Glenn Five was officially out of Anvil to begin 2012 following sixteen years of service. Anvil recruited Sal Italiano (most recently Iron Maiden cover band Live After Death, as well as The Nightmare Stage and Cities) as a touring bassist. A.J. Pero died in 2015. Still, Sal made an attempt at a come-back in 2018, which again did not go anywhere.