A New Spiritual Mountain - 2005 - Requiem

S= 1000 Points Of Hate, Xentrix>>SIMON GORDON
G= China Beach, Kill II This>>MARK MYNETT
B= Dearly Beheaded>>TIM PRESTON
D= Blaze, Paradise Lost>>JEFF SINGER>>Paradise Lost

Manchester's City Of God featured several familiar names from the UK scene. The band was formed in the autumn of 2004 and recorded its debut in the winter of 2005. The album was produced by guitarist Mark Mynett at his Mynetaur Studio. Videos were shot for the songs God Kills America and When Broken Glass Floats. Following the recording of the album Singer hit the road with his other band, Paradise Lost.


City Of God was built only a year ago. The inhabitants, however, are veterans and have a lot of history behind them. Formed, staffed and produced by former and current members of Paradise Lost, Xentrix, Blaze, Dearly Beheaded and Kill II This the new English band is an exercise in contradiction given the dichotomy in its standards in the instruments and vocal departments. In contrast to the inspiring and aggressive riffing, laudable soloing, strong sound - the snare sound and guitar tone stand out - and powerful songs, the singing suffers from a trendy and lamentable vocal performance borrowed from the scene's worst wimp-outs. The commercial and sanitized clean chanting has been done to death by bands looking to gain MTV and Kerrang exposure - always unsuccessfully one might add. As silly as the pop singing is the music hits hard. The title track, Vatican Assassin and others are proof of Mark Mynett's ability on the guitar.
The album is diversified with an acoustic track called Hiding In The Light, Pink Floyd-ish Stigmata and something that could have been on the film A Clockwork Orange. The band does not pick easy lyrical stances either given the aforementioned titles and a song like God Kills America. Despite that, A New Spiritual Mountain is a prime delivery spot for a karoke machine. - Ali "The Metallian"


City Of God