World Gone Mad - 1986 - Leviathan
Praise The Loud - 1986 - Leviathan
Kings Of The World - 2000 - Pavement

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Spike, Zanister, Southern Gentlemen, Solo, Chastain, Firewind>>DAVID CHASTAIN>>Chastain, Zanister, Southern Gentlemen, Solo, Firewind

Prizoner, Chastain>>MIKE SKIMMERHORN>>Chastain


History & Biography
CJSS was born in 1984 with the abbreviation representing the members' surnames. Leviathan Records, which went on to release European music for the USA and itself was licensed to Roadrunner, was formed to house CJSS. Chastain, the band, had a home with Black Dragon in France. After its second album, David decided to focus his attention on the Chastain band.

The band was on hiatus for 14 years until a new album emerged in 2000. The music thereon was actually written in the '80s. CJSS played hard rock and heavy metal with Chastain’s prolific solos. Lion Music would issue two CJSS albums on one disc in 2006 as CJSS - 241: World Gone Mad/Praise The Loud. Divebomb Records re-issued CJSS’ World Gone Mad and Praise The Loud! albums in 2020.


After several years of absence, David Chastain's heavy metal band returns with a new album which displays the bands penchant for pure metal to a new generation of fans. The band might be lead by virtuoso guitarist Chastain, but within the confines of CJSS it is one for all and the band delivers a cohesive heavy metal at times reminiscent of Dio, Skidrow and even Hellion. This though is not a clone, but simply a function of the band's longevity and shared influences with the above-mentioned. CJSS delivers guitar-oriented heavy metal. - Ali "The Metallian"

CJSS - 2-4-1 - LION  
2-4-1 is a re-release of the two CJSS albums that hit the market in 1986. The band of guitar wizard David Chastain and cohorts offered some wily guitar acrobatics and heavy metal mania, although the main man soon shifted his attention to the more successful Chastain project.
Now, several years after its initial appearance in the USA, Lion Music has issued this two-for-one package for metal historians to enjoy. World Gone Mad is easily identifiable as '80s metal and offers some impressive metal tuneage. The album’s music hasn’t aged quite well though. The band’s music ranges from Dokken-esque moments as on the song Destiny to power metal cuts. Cover versions are a dime a dozen, but David and singer Russell Jinkens do a good job on Led Zeppelin’s Communication Breakdown. Thirty years have passed since that song came to be and the art of writing heavy riffs has apparently not progressed much.
Praise The Loud is heavier and faster and has a slightly thicker sound. The title track even borders on speed metal. Chastain is in fine form shredding and soloing like a maniac. One big downer is the drumming of Les Sharp. He is a mere follower of the rest of the band. The high vocals remind one of Ann Boelyn of Hellion and (while we are at it) the album’s title smacks of Exciter’s Long Live The Loud, which was a year ahead of the Americans’ album.
2-4-1 has its moments, but in the grand scheme of things has not made the best of transitions to the '90s and the new century. - Ali “The Metallian”