War Metal - 2005 - Displeased
Eater Of Birds – 2007 – Profound Lore
Gin – 2009 – Profound Lore
Slow Forever – 2016 - Profound Lore

Cobalt image
Erik Wunder – Floating Fantasy, Lord Mantis, Avichi, Abigail Williams, Negative Mantra>>CHARLIE FELL>>Negative Mantra

Konstrux, Grimness Enshroud>>Phil Mcsorley>>Recluse

Konstrux, Grimness Enshroud>>Phil Mcsorley


History & Biography
Colorado-based Cobalt was formed in 2002 by McGorley, reportedly as a white metal band, after his last musical foray fell apart. The duo recorded a demo called Hammerfight featuring four songs. The demo was reissued on Denmark's Pestifer Records. A split release with Canada's Ourboros was announced, but later cancelled. The band entered Hellion Studio in May of 2003 and recorded its debut, which was issued two years later. The band signed a deal with Profound Lore Records to release its sophomore album, Eater Of Birds, in July, 2007. The album was 18 months old upon release. The Colorado-based band recorded a new album, called Gin, which was due in March through Profound Lore Records.

McSorely left in 2014. Slow Forever came in 2016. It was recorded in 2015. Cobalt and Mantar were touring that autumn.


Cobalt is a complicated band. No, it is not the band's music that evokes visions of Cynic, Dillinger Escape Plan or Meshuggah; rather the exterior veneer of the act leads to several questions. First, how has such a young band arrived at such a pure play early thrash/bash metal style? Is this a white metal band (no lyrics are printed) and if so how does that fact coincide with the War Metal title? Colorado's Cobalt features two members, but one particular silhouette depicts three men. Is the third person a passerby?
Cobalt is a raw, unkempt, vicious metal band with wild chords, throwing simple riffs and guitar licks at the listener. The violence is occasionally interrupted by the odd acoustic guitar melody though. The label reckons fans of Deströyer 666 will love this and Metallian Towers does not disagree. - Ali "The Metallian"