Penetration - 2004 - Arctic

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G= Accessory, Colour Trip>>MARK WOLZENBURG

B= 5 Seconds Expired>>SHAUN VARNEY

D= 5 Seconds Expired>>GARY WILLIAMS>>The Porntones

History & Biography
New England-based Code Black was signed to Arctic Music on the strength of guitarist Mark Wolzenburg's connections with the label. Mark's previous band Colour Trip was also signed to the label.

The debut was produced in Canada and released in the summer of 2004.


Code Black's Penetration album is quite weak. The band's debut has many hints of hardcore too, except the CD is neither powerful nor has a strong message. The problems are multifold. Most importantly, the vocals of Rorri Quero are flat and stodgy. Almost as bad is the one-dimensional songs which begin to blend into each other faster than you can begin to wonder why Code Black has a record contract. For the record, Code Black's guitarist Wolzenburg was previously in Colour Trip which had a deal with Arctic. There are so many better and more exciting unsigned bands out there that one can only wonder regarding the circumstances behind the signing. The band does not care for guitar solos, which coupled with the absent bass guitar and astonishingly dull drum sound make the whole affair one big mystery. The drum sound could be the result of a four-track machine recording. Under the circumstances, it is no surprise that the last track, Black Mirror, is the album's best. It features the album's sole solo and is an instrumental to boot.
It is hard to imagine Code Black releasing another album for Penetration will certainly fail to penetrate any kind of a market. - Ali "The Metallian"


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