Mind Field>>CODE RED - JAPAN

Wolves Of Warfield – 2007 – Bang The Head
Fang Of The Sun – 2017 – Thrashing Cult

S= Nariaki Takahashi - Cemment>>IZURU INOUE>>Cemment
G= Cemment>>IZURU INOUE>>Cemment – Defiled, Neuroticos, Inhuman Devotion, Ogre, Hide Bound, Hater, Hate Beyond, King’s-Evil, Cry>>YUICHI ISHIGURO>>Neuroticos, Inhuman Devotion, Ogre, Hide Beyond, Hater, Hate Beyond, King’s-Evil, Cry
B= Nariaki Takahashi – Shellshock>>AKI SHIMIZU>>Shellshock

After operating as Mind Field for two years, the band based in the American military outpost Yokosuka, became Code Red and issued a Demo 2001 featuring a jarhead on the cover. The band had lost singer Hayashi Shinichi due to musical differences during the transition. The militaristic theme of the thrashers continued with the Buried In The Battlefield demo in the spring of 2004. Code Red invited USA-based Toxic Holocaust over for a Far East Toxic Thrash Attack in 2005. Bang The Head Records of Japan (Jurassic Jade, 5X and others) released the boys’ Wolves Of Warfield record in late 2007. The band and Tokyo-based Fastkill shared a record called Thrashing Warfield in 2011. Takahashi Nariaki left in 2012. Fastkill’s Mochizuki Jiro replaced him briefly. Ishiguro joined and the band became a twin guitar formation. The band and Argentina-based Toxica also had a split release in 2015. Code Red organized and headlined Tokyo’s Obscene Ritual Vol.37 with Deathblast, Pulvis Et Umbra, Necronomicon and Pornostate in 2016. Fang Of The Sun was on Thrashing Cult Records of China. The band had more than a dozen shows in Japan in 2018.

Izuru was a live environment guest for Cemment, albeit on drums. Likewise guitarist Yuichi is also mainly a drummer in his other groups.



Code Red