Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife - 2000 - Dwell
The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual - 2012 - Blood Harvest

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Entity, Diabolic, Infamy>>ROBERT CARDENAS>>Diabolic, Infamy

Infamy, Entity>>RICHARD GONZALEZ>>Infamy

Entity, Agent Steel, Malice>>ROBERT CARDENAS>>Agent Steel, Malice, Possessed, Engrave

Demolition>>Marco Castro>>Anger As Art, MX Machine, War Witch - Demolition>>Marco Castro>>>>Anger As Art, MX Machine, War Witch – Brainstorm, Sadistic Intent, Engrave, Asesino, Possessed>>EMILIO MARQUEZ>>Engrave, Asesino, Possessed

History & Biography
Formed circa 1994 in Los Angeles, Coffin Texts' debut showcased an underrated death metal band deriving much influence from Egypt's hieroglyphic texts. The debut album was an old 1995/1996 recording with covers tagged at the end. The band was looking at recording newer material, but was forced to cancel when the guitarist suffered a serious hand injury. As a result, Dwell simply released the older material in 2000. The band also had previously dropped out of a tour with Incantation because of financial constraints.

Bassist/vocalist Robert Cardenas toured Europe with Diabolic in late 2002 and the band announced that it will record a new album entitled Tomb Of Infinite Ritual at the end of that year for the WWIII label.

Tomb Of Infinite Ritual was instead re-announced for 2004 through Morbid Records. Drummer Marco Castro also rejoined the fold at this time. Of course, the Morbid Records version did not happen either. Instead, Coffin Texts signed a deal with Blood Harvest Records for the release of its second album, Tomb Of Infinite Ritual, which was now due in early 2009. Emilio Marquez of Brujeria/Sadistic Intent/Engrave was drumming for the band. Coffin Texts’ The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual, was issued in 2012 through Dark Descent Records. The LP version was released through Blood Harvest Records. Deities Of The Prime Evil Chaos was a 2016 EP, which featured The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual tracks.


Formed by members of Entity and Demolition and with a name clearly inspired by the hieroglyphic texts of Ancient Egyptian tombs, it is a surprise to note that the three piece has been roaming around LA for the past six years. Promotion apparently not being a priority for the trio, composing low-pitched death metal influenced by Incantation, early Paradise Lost and Suffocation certainly is. Armed with a clear sound, epic and mystical images and favouring crushing death metal riffing and gigantic bass drumming, Coffin Texts is certainly a serious contender in the realm of (Egyptian) death. - Ali "The Metallian"


Coffin Texts