Cognitive - 2014 - Pathologically Explicit Recordings
Deformity – 2016 - Unique Leader
Matricide – 2018 - Unique Leader
Malevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction – 2021 - Unique Leader
Abhorrence - 2024 - Metal Blade

Cognitive image
Due For Extinction>>Jorel Hart>>Void Ov Nihility, Wormhole, Disinhume, Burial In The Sky – Proletariat, Proceed On Your Way To Oblivion>>SHANE JOST>>Proceed On Your Way To Oblivion

Doomsday Machine Schematic, Waking The Cadaver, The Adept>>ROB WHARTON>>The Adept - Amorphic Form, Putrid Abscess>>Jake Iannaco – Single Bullet Theory, Kill The Evidence, Blasphemous, Depletion, Revocation>>HARRY LANNON>>Single Bullet Theory, Kill The Evidence, Blasphemous, Depletion, Revocation

Due For Extinction>>Art Sikora – Depletion, Frost Giant>>IAN BAINBRIDGE>>Frost Giant, Asherah – Deepest Reality, Dismal, Burn The Empire, Strange Aeons, Void Reaver>>TYLER CAPONE-VITALE>>Strange Aeons, Void Reaver

Mike Castro – The Fist, The Apocalyptic Fist Of The Black Death Shotgun Sodomy, Insatanity, Omnihility, Asherah, Dislimb, Fully Consumed, Her Virgin Womb, Arkhum, Corpse Hoarder, Supremacy, Frost Giant>>Armen Koroghlian>>Asherah, Supremacy, Frost Giant, Gross, Bastard Cröss, Mourner Of Light – Total Ruination, Hadean Reign, Ophidius, Hath>>AJ VIANA>>Ophidius, Hath

History & Biography
The band was founded in the polluted and unattractive New Jersey area of the USA in 2011. Scheenier Ramirez was on vocals. A 2012 demo was called The Horrid Swarm. Pathologically Explicit Recordings released 2014’s debut album. Art Sikora briefly moved to guitar before leaving. Cognitive signed with Unique Leader Records in 2016 and would release a full-length called Deformity in December. Jost joined in 2017.

Bassist Tyler Capone-Vitale and drummer AJ Viana appeared on Malevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction. The group switched over to Metal Blade in March 2022. Fallujah, The Divine Ascension, Psycroptic, Interloper and Cognitive were touring Canada and the USA the autumn of 2022. Cognitive would support Gorod on a USA spring 2023 tour dubbed The Orb Release Tour.

A Pact Unholy was an advance song from the band's Abhorrence full-length, which was released through Metal Blade Records on 17.05.2024. Drummer AJ Viana had his own studio and recorded and mixed the album before Ryan Williams (The Black Dahlia Murder, John Frum) at Metal Blade Records mastered it.